"EDM is at its all-time high in India now"

Mar 15, 2013, 00:47 IST | Dhara Vora

�We like the sound of that proclamation. Especially, when it comes from one of the most iconic and enduring DJs in the history of Electronic Dance Music - Tiesto. The current No 2 DJ in the world, Dutch Musician Tijs Michiel Verwest or Ti sto gets talking before his three-city tour in India

You have made changes in your style of music, shifting from Trance to different styles of House. What lead to it?
It has been a very easy transition. I make music based on my inspirations. There is so much flexibility with making Electronic music; I can collaborate with so many artistes from so many different genres. To me Electronic brings the music community and world community together.

DJ Tiësto. Pic/Getty

Do you think it is this evolution that has made you stay at the top of the rankings chart?
I never think about the titles, etc. It is great to be there but I always make music based on things that inspire me. If I make it to the top it totally is attributed to my music and my fans.

From being the choice of a select few, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is now mainstream. Your views...
This brings recognition to the genre. Earlier, the genre was so loosely defined. Now we have EDM that encompasses so much, from Trap to Dubstep to Trance to House, we are all under one umbrella now and it’s great for the genre. The genre will become more important in the music space. And the passion Dance music fans have is inspiring to me

What’s in store for the Mumbai?
I feed off the crowd and they help me decide what to play. There will be great music and the finest live production. Come to the show to find out!

Your last gig in India was in 2008. Since then, every top DJ, from Armin Van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta has performed or is slated to perform here. Should international DJs take India as a serious EDM destination?
Most definitely! EDM is at its all-time high in India at the moment. Festivals like Sunburn have taken it to a new level by introducing India to the finest EDM artists.

It’s been a year since Club Life: Volume Two Miami, any new album on the horizon?
I am working on a new installment in my ClubLife mix series and my new artist album. My tour of American universities has just finished. I’m looking forward to returning to India.

Any interesting collaborations — Indian or International on your radar?
I’m inspired by different music and like to collaborate with artistes who I’m a fan of. Perhaps, I’ll find one when I’m in India on this tour! Recently, I worked with Bono of U2; I was very impressed with him. He is a legend.

Do you feel you will make it to the top place for the fourth time in 2013?
I always am looking ahead to evolve as an artist. I don’t concern myself with such titles. I’d rather focus on making music, my shows and the fans.

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