Eight Die Hard references from these shows to celebrate Die Hard Day

Published: Jul 16, 2020, 10:38 IST | mid-day online correspondent | Mumbai

This Die-Hard Day check out 8 iconic moments from these classic shows that will make you want to watch Die Hard!

Jake and Charles from Brooklyn Nine-Nine/picture courtesy: PR
Jake and Charles from Brooklyn Nine-Nine/picture courtesy: PR

Thirty years after John McClane (Bruce Willis) saved his wife and other hostages from German terrorist Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) in the Nakatomi Plaza, "Die Hard" lives on as a far-fetched action classic. It is one of the most classic cop movies of all time. With numerous references in various TV series and movies meant for a diverse range of age – groups, the movie is glorified and continues to be loved by every new watcher.

But no one can beat the love Jake Peralta has for this classic movie, so much so that Andy Samberg (who plays the role of Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine), wants Bruce Willis to guest star and do a Cameo for the show. Watch a marathon of all the Die Hard references in Brooklyn Nine-Nine only on Comedy Central.

So, in honour of Die Hard Day, here are 8 of the most iconic moments from shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Friends to the Simpsons that capture the essence of the movie:

1. Jake's persistent love for the movie series on Brooklyn Nine-Nine


If you are a true Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, you must know that Jake is probably by far the biggest Die-Hard fan you have ever met. For those who have not watched the show, Jake Peralta is a police officer who wishes he was McClane and often reminds everyone of his love for the movie. In Season 1, Episode 3, Jake argues to his co-workers, " 'Die Hard' is the best cop movie of all time. One cop heroically saving the day while everyone else stands around and watches: It's the story of my life." He is also constantly trying to play out the movie when solving cases and if that isn't loving, we don't know what is.

2. Joey, Ross and Chandler's Die Hard Movie Marathon on Friends


As one of the most memorable sitcoms, Friends did not miss out on the chance to include Die Hard references. From Bruce Willis' guest appearances to a storyline where all the guys plan a "Die Hard" movie marathon, Friends shows us how one can never watch "Too much Die Hard". When after watching the 1st Die Hard movie, the guys realize Joey accidentally rented two copies of the first film, they do what any superfan would: They watch it again. Catch the gang and hang out with them on Comedy Central.

3. Homer Simpson's letter to the movie Die Hard


Simpsons is one show you just can't argue with. It has everything from predictions that came true to humour and relatability and also… Die Hard References! In one such episode, as an FBI agent goes through Homer's mail, he notices that, rather than trying to contact a movie star, Homer tried to correspond directly with the movie. "Dear 'Die Hard,' you rock," the letter reads. "Especially when that guy was on the roof. P.S. Do you know 'Mad Max'?" Head onto Disney+ Hotstar and meet the Simpsons!

4. Pete's dedication to the movie on The Office


There is nothing more fun than to have a friend who gets your movie and series references. It is a bummer when someone doesn't 'get it' but it is even more satisfying to get someone new to love something on your recommendation. In 'The Office', after making a "Die Hard" reference that Erin doesn't understand ("I think you mean John McCain"), Pete reveals that he memorized the entire script on a dare, and they watch the "copy or two" Pete keeps in his car. Watch this episode and more on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Dean's constant use of the Die Hard Catchphrases in Supernatural


Even the supernatural world and creatures couldn't escape the glory of the Die Hard movie series. With Dean spouting out the well know catchphrases from the movie, the series pays homage to the classic on numerous occasions. One such moment was when a spirit takes over Sam's body, Dean and Castiel tie him to a chair and work to expel the spirit. As Sam regains consciousness, Dean says, "Welcome to the party, pal."

6. When Jake and Charles went on a stakeout in Brooklyn Nine-Nine


It can be slightly frustrating when your best friend constantly talks about a show or movie that you have not watched and you end up fight. Such was an episode when Jake and Boyle are on a stakeout to find a criminal and end up bickering about each other's habits and what the rules are. Boyle asks Jake to not talk about Die Hard, or Die Hard 2 or Die Hard 3, when Jake confirms about only talking about Die Hard 4 leaving Charles feeling clueless about the number of Die Hard Movies and exasperatingly saying, "No judging me for not knowing the Die Hards."

7. When an entire episode was about Die Hard on Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a tribute itself to Die Hard Fans where every season consists of at least 2 to 3 references from the movie whether it is dialog, subplot or similar instances. Episode 10 from season 3 is like an entire accolade to Die Hard where the plot plays out just like in the movies and Charles ends up massacring one of the most iconic lines in cinema – "Yippie Kayak"

8. When Bruce Willis guest-starred in Friends


While Friends has fewer Die hard References, no one can deny the absolute joy Die Hard fans feel when they watch Bruce Willis as a guest star on the show, something Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans yearn to see happen. Playing Elizabeth's father (Ross' girlfriend) and then Rachel's boyfriend, we saw Bruce in a totally different light yet enjoyed every moment of his role. Interestingly, Bruce Willis is said to have made the appearance after losing a bet with Mathew Perry (who plays Chandler in the series) and obliged to follow through his end of the bet.

Seems like Andy Samberg should go down the same route and try to win a bet against Bruce to have him make a special appearance. Whether or not this happens, let's celebrate the day by watching the Die Hard movies followed by the Brooklyn Nine-Nine marathon only on Comedy Central!

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