Eight months of jail for Bernard Tomic's father

Sep 07, 2013, 03:02 IST | AFP

A Spanish judge handed an eight-month jail sentence to John Tomic, father of Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic, for headbutting his son's French training partner, a court said yesterday.

John Tomic was sentenced for the assault outside a Madrid hotel in May, in which he broke Thomas Drouet’s nose and knocked him out, the court said in a written judgement.

“I sentence the accused Ivica Tomic as the author of a crime of bodily harm... to a penalty of eight months’ prison,” wrote judge Jacobo Vigil Levi in a ruling, referring to the Bosnian-born defendant, 49, by his official name.

A court source told AFP that Tomic could appeal to two higher courts before the sentence is made definitive.

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