Eijaz Khan breaks Sanjay Mishra's nose during a fight scene

Feb 12, 2013, 09:09 IST | Kunal M Shah

Sanjay Mishra never imagined that his desire to make a fight sequence funny for Karan Raj Kanwar's debut production would result in a broken nose!

The actor bore the brunt while shooting in Chandigarh recently.

Eijaz Khan and Sanjay Mishra

A source says, “There was a fight scene in which Sanjay was to be hit by co-actor Eijaz Khan on his head. As it was a simple scene, instead of hiring a fight master, director Shammi Chhabra told both the actors to do it themselves. Sanjay got a brainwave and thought of putting a cane stool, which was lying on the sets, around his neck. He then asked Eijaz to hit him with a mud pot. Around the third take, Eijaz decided to hit with great force resulting in the pot breaking and injuring Sanjay’s nose. Sanjay’s face was covered with blood and everybody panicked.”

Says Eijaz, “I was horrified. Shooting came to a halt and a doctor was immediately called. Fortunately, the injury was not grave but Sanjayji was in pain. Feeling guilty, I apologised to him. But he gave me a nasty look and I felt guiltier. But next day when Sanjayji came on the sets he was calm. He told me he did not hold me responsible for the mishap. I was really touched.”

Ever since Eijaz and Sanjay have become buddies and Eijaz has vowed to take all safety precautions before shooting a fight sequence. 

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