Einstein mackerels and Tendulkar

Published: 18 November, 2013 07:54 IST | Malavika Sangghvi |

We were delighted to receive these lines on SMS from restaurateur Nico on Thursday "To the Master's honour all must turn, each in its track, without a sound, forever tracing Tendulkar's ground", he wrote paraphrasing a poem he says, written by Einstein on Newton

>> We were delighted to receive these lines on SMS from restaurateur Nico on Thursday “To the Master’s honour all must turn, each in its track, without a sound, forever tracing Tendulkar’s ground”, he wrote paraphrasing a poem he says, written by Einstein on Newton. “While we bid farewell to one legend. Let’s reminisce the Master’s innings over the years with some masterfully prepared cocktails and legendary food, inspired by ones love for their craft. Only at Nico Bombay,” said the avid foodie and cricket lover when we asked him about the SMS. 

“I am a huge lover of cricket and have always enjoyed Tendulkar play, as I am sure every Indian has. In a country that prides itself in mediocrity Sachin is a beacon of hope and we use that as inspiration to keep working towards the same goal albeit in a different profession,” he said adding, “We don’t have a Sachin centric menu at Nico this week but our pan-seared rock fish, clams and swiss chard, chipotle spiced mackerel, green apple mustard remoulade and spaghetti vongole (Clams) done to perfection is our tribute to him!”

Nico Gog a C-havala

Storm incup
>> A couple of nights ago, attending a ‘power women’ dinner in Mumbai for fifty of India’s supposedly most powerful ladies, drawn from across the country, two grande dames happened to walk in to the venue wearing exactly the same black and white knee length embroidered coat. But such was the level of sophistication amongst the crowd that this slight sartorial quirk didn’t create the slightest blip in the smooth proceedings of the evening.
Natasha Poonawalla

Not so at Cyrus Poonawalla’s dinner for Sharon Stone on Saturday night, we hear. Because no sooner had the beautiful hostess Natasha entered the room in a shimmering blue gown and elicited gushing compliments at how stunning she looked when another of her guests — Radhika — wife of Anshuman Ruia, the Essar billionaire walked in wearing exactly the same gown, in the same colour. And given that there were no more than 50 people at the party and that the women were both tall and attractive in their own right, it became the talk of the evening.

Sharon Stone with Harsh Goenka at the amfAR dinner hosted at the Taj Mahal hotel

“The gowns themselves were so striking that one couldn’t take one’s eyes off them,” says a guest. And then to have two of them in the same room…” she chortles, “Suffice to say that when the women spotted each other, their faces reflected the same shockhorror that beauty queens express when they are pipped to the post in contests.” Oh dear, what a storm in a C-cup on Warden road over the weekend. But of course, the question remains: why didn’t the hostess change once she saw a guest arriving in the same outfit and set all at ease?

What’s a dress albeit a very stunning designer one between friends?

Ah yes, at this sartorially radioactive evening — Sharon Stone was a guest too.

Of coy actors and bold actresses
>> They like to be known as the most powerful lobbying group in the business environment and their Omerta like code of privacy has rendered them almost invisible but of course, individually their members take it all with a pinch of salt so it is with some delight that one learns that the seemingly uptight and stiff upper lipped YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) had invited adult movie actress Sunny Leone to address their members over the weekend under the aegis of their education chair. It was the kick-off of a seven-city tour, which the actress would undertake. And from those present, the actress was a hit, not only from the way she looked (better than Katrina Kaif and Sharon Stone, according to one attendee) but the way she spoke. “Firstly she spoke in a language that YPO members could understand,” says our source. “She explained how the porn industry not only is a multi-billion dollar one but it is the fastest growing one and provides one of the biggest growth on returns.”

Sunny Leone

But what really got the crowd enraptured were Leone’s candid confessions. When she touched upon her desire to be accepted as a top-level actress she said that her biggest deterrent were male actors and their wives. “Many times I have been offered a role in a big movie, but the actor is hesitant because of my reputation, and in a couple of instances they have asked if they can respond once they have checked with their wives,” said the spunky girl. “And it’s always been a no,” she added sadly.

Salaam Mumbai: To see, or not to see
Time was when movie reviews were a thing of beauty and a joy forever. In the days when plastic was something you sat on and didn’t inject into your cheeks, the reviews that we read in Indian newspapers and magazines were written with tongue firmly in cheek by people who took pleasure in a particular musical note or a line of dialogue as much as their own turn of phrase or subtle put down of an absurd continuity break.

But movie reviews, like movies these days, are a much more serious business. And how many stars a film receives has become a topic of great interest to people across the board, whether they are in the movie business or not.

So will I go to see Ram Leela on the basis of its reviews?

The answer is: so divergent are the reviews that going by them I’ll have to sit half in and half out of the cinema!  

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