Electronic beats from Down Under

Oct 28, 2014, 07:17 IST | Dhara Vora

Three questions with Reuben Styles, a member of Australian Electronic music duo, Peking Duk

Q. What was the thought behind the name of your group?
A. The idea is to give the listeners their biggest high every time they listen to us. And, we also like the dish.

Cover of their popular single, High
Cover of their popular single, High

Q. Both of you began as guitarists. How did you move to Electronic music?
A. Yes, we did; I played bass and was into Rock. Adam (Hyde) even played the drums, and was into Hip-Hop. We became best friends in school and later, when we hit the nightclubs, we discovered this whole new world of music. Electronic music has so many levels to it. For six months, we listened to a lot of artistes, discovering Electronic music and grew stronger. It’s an exciting time for the Electronic music scene in Australia. Besides, a lot of Australian musicians are touring the world and doing several performances.

Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde
Reuben Styles (left) and Adam Hyde of Peking Duk

Q. How do you plan to discover India on your trip here?
A. On our taxi ride to the hotel here in Mumbai, we listened to local radio stations. The music has great percussion, voices and melodies. We want to listen to a lot of local music and discover the Indian music scene as well as what’s playing in the city’s nightclubs. We will also work with Indian artistes. Coming here is a dream come true for us. Everyone who has visited India has told us that a trip here is the start of an insightful journey. I am a big fan of Indian food and want to try out the street food too. I also want to visit Chor Bazaar.

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