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May 10, 2013, 00:55 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Udyan Sagar of Nucleya gives us an insight into the sounds and vibes that make this genre

Artist Udyan Sagar, the brainchild of Nucleya is known for his vision and pedigree to take Indian Electronica to a different level alongside his contemporaries. He has played at international music festivals and events including Glastonbury, UK, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK, Lille 3000, France and the recently concluded Electron Festival in Switzerland. The band has also composed and produced music for films.

Artist Udyan Sagar
Artist Udyan Sagar, the brainchild of Nucleya

Contemporary Indian electronic music

Till now, Electronica hasn’t been fully explored in India. Few songs through albums and singles have been released in the past few years but that’s it. Kolaveri Di with its Electronic music beats, became a musical sensation overnight, the audiences lapped it up. Despite being in an unfamiliar language to many, it topped the charts. This is the zing of Electronic music. Likewise, more work should be made in the genre to make it well received.

Bollywood vs other musical genres

In the Indian market, everything revolves around Bollywood. So definitely, other music genres like Classical and Electronica get sidelined. Indian classical music has been around for centuries, yet it isn’t as popular among masses as Bollywood music is because of its levels of difficulty.

Connecting through Nucleya

I want to popularise Electronica in India. For this, I always believed that if made in an interesting manner,people would find any genre of music interesting and easy to connect with.

Films and singles (independent music)

I have worked on film music and produced many singles. Working for films is different since you must create music according to the subject or the opinion of the director. Time constraints also emerge. but with independent music, since it’s your brainchild, you have the liberty to shape it as per your timelines with no limit to creativity. I enjoy working for my singles more.

Next in action

On Wednesday, I have released my free track with Delhi Sultanate. Also, I am set to release my brand new tracks with Tamil singers Chinnaponu and Anthony. Besides, I am composing music for Aditya Bhattacharya‘s film ‘Bombay’s Most Wanted’. One of my videos will be launched mid-year.

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