Emergency declared at Mumbai airport after aircraft's tyres burst

May 14, 2016, 12:00 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

A Lufthansa airbus from Munich to Mumbai suffered a tyre burst during touch down, all passengers were reported safe and operations shifted to secondary runway that led to delay in services

Full emergency was declared on Friday night at Mumbai airport when a Lufthansa flight from Munich to Mumbai suffered a sudden tyre burst while landing, all passengers were reported to be safe.

Mumbai airport aircraft tyre burst

At around 11 pm when Lufthansa airbus A330-300, registration D-AIKR LH-764 was touching down at Mumbai airport, its tyres burst and the plane was unable to vacate the runway. Sources said that a minor fire also occured during the tyre burst, which was doused. 

This incident lead to diversions of flight to secondary runway 14/32, which resulted in delay in flight operations.

The official statement on behalf of Lufthansa stated, "On 13th May at 10:50 pm, four tyres of the aircraft of flight LH764 from Munich to Mumbai suffered damage. The flight could not be moved from runway 27 for the time being.

163 passengers were on board the Airbus A330 D-AIKR. They had to leave the plane via stairs, which were positioned on the runway. The aircraft will be removed after the assembly of four new tyres. Flight LH765 of 14th May had to be cancelled. 223 passengers will be affected and LH is trying to rebook them on other flights."

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