Emma Stone flattered by Jim Carrey's love message

Jun 21, 2012, 08:57 IST | PTI

'Easy A' star Emma Stone says she was flattered after actor Jim Carrey declared his love for her in a public video message last year

Carrey, 50, caused a stir after releasing a clip in which he expressed his desire to have "chubby little freckle-faced kids" with Stone. The 23-year-old insists she wasn't creeped out by his public declaration of love because she is a huge fan of the veteran comic.

Emma Stone and Jim Carrey

"I was so flattered I can't even tell you. Honest! I was really flattered, I really was! Right before that video came out, we were at the Mtv Movie Awards.

"There was like five of us, and we just went on this tangent of talking nice behind Jim Carrey's back... It was the greatest thing. You walk away, and you were just like, 'That felt so good, to talk about how wonderful someone is'," she said.

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