Empowering women

Feb 14, 2013, 10:04 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Pune is hosting Dakkhan Jatra, a week-long exhibition of products made by women's self-help groups

Shopaholics and foodies can head to the week-long exhibition, Dakkhan Jatra which features products made by women’s self-help groups. The event has been organised by the Kolhapur Zilla Parishad (ZP) under the state government’s rural development programme for empowerment of women. On display will be products from across Maharashtra.

Fish fry will be available at the exhibition

Project director RT Zande from the District Rural Development Agency, said that this event was organised to promote self-help groups and give them a good marketing exposure. “The self-help groups will learn marketing techniques from this exhibition as they come from remote villages.

There are a variety of products here ranging from food items, to daily use products at home, handicraft items, bamboo work, etc. There are products that are exclusively available in certain regions. There are stalls from all over Pune as well. There are 400 stalls of which 125 are food stalls that include vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items.”

You can buy handicrafts and bamboo items. Representation Pics

On offer will be Mandi (a huge puranpoli) and aamti, Hurdyache Dhapate with Usal and Thecha, Bhaji deep fried with batter of besan and onion mixed with salt, Solkadi, Bhakri, Wangyache Bharit, Maswadi, Shingole, Methi Paratha, Pedhyachi Poli, Pithla, Laal Bharit, Aluchiwadi Modak, Yellow Bhakri, Susila, Dal Bati, Khaplya Ghavachi Kheer, Hugyacha Madga, Ladu, Shenga Bhakri, Chutneys, Masale, Narsobachyawadichi Basundi, Kandyachi Chutney and rural delicacies from Marathwada.

The non-veg items include Malwani Rice Plate, Fish Fry, Fish Curry, Kombadi Wada and Kolhapuri Rassa.

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