Empty flat in Wadala tower goes up in flames

Jan 11, 2013, 07:51 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Firemen took 90 minutes and pressed several equipment into action to douse flames; further investigation to determine exact cause of blaze is in progress

In what can be termed as a major fire incident, it took fire fighters about 90 minutes and eight fire engines, three jumbo tankers, two water tankers, a BAV, an ambulance, three LP, and five special appliances to douse flames at a flat located on the 17th floor of the Mount Alps building at Bhakti Park in Wadala.

Firemen spray water to douse flames and cool down the flat; building residents

Fortunately, none of the family members of flat owner Jagdish Santosh Dadich sustained injuries in the mishap, as the flat was empty when the fire broke out. The incident occurred at 3 pm yesterday. The Dadichs own two flats on the same floor and had converted them into one.

It was an employee from the building’s maintenance staff, sitting at the society office, who spotted smoke billowing from the flat and immediately informed the fire brigade control room. Though the fire fighters doused the flames by 4.30 pm, they kept on spraying water on the flat to cool it down.

Who were evacuated soon after the firemen reached the spot, look up to take stock of the situation. Pics/Shadab Khan

One of the two cylinders exploded when the fire broke out and destroyed the windows, the beds, the chandelier and the false ceiling. Fire brigade officials evacuated the building soon after they reached the spot and cut power supply to the building to avoid further untoward incidents.

Society Secretary Shefali Bhinde said, “We do fire audit every year. The last one was done in November 2012. Even the riser system is in perfect shape, as we maintain it every year. The reason for the fire that broke at the Dadich house is unknown.”

Commenting on the incident, Society Chairperson Dilip Oak said they have hired full-time electricians and plumbers. “It was one of them who saw the smoke coming from the balcony and informed the fire brigade. The Dadichs were out when the incident occurred.”

Reason unknown
P S Rahangdale, deputy chief fire officer, said, “We are investigating the cause of fire. A notice will be issued to the society asking whether they have done a fire audit and whether they maintain the riser system that stopped after 20 minutes due to a technical glitch.”

An official from the Wadala T T police station said cops reached the spot and did the panchnama. “We are now trying to ascertain the exact amount of property that was damaged in the incident,” he said. 

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