Emraan on another route

May 28, 2012, 06:29 IST | Avantika Patil

"Sky is the limit," says Emraan Hashmi, who has managed to create a niche for himself in B-town.

The actor who has always been confident about his choice of roles has no regrets and loves his profession. The lover boy talks to CS about playing characters, his films and creating an identity for himself:

Who: Emraan Hashmi 
What: Talks about his love for unconventional roles 

Playing multiple characters
We have reached a point in Bollywood where actors should be ready to play characters now. And I think, even other actors will agree with me. For instance, my character in an upcoming film is rather shabby than the earlier glamorous ones. I like it that way. What’s the point in playing yourself over and over again? People get tired of you at some point. In fact, even I get tired of looking at the same ‘me’.

Filmi chakkar
Films are my world. I get to play different characters and get to live them too. Some characters fascinate me a lot. If I weren’t an actor, I would have probably never seen so many different kinds of characters. So I am always ready to play unusual roles. Film is an interesting amalgamation of scripts, dialogues, songs, technicalities and much more. The financial risk makes the industry very shaky, yet addictive. Once in it, it is difficult to get out. The nail-biting anxiety due to the fate of the film every Friday is worth a million bucks.

Two sides of the coin
Being an actor is also a part of filmmaking. I have always loved films, so wanting to be a part of it was a compulsion than an option for me. But like everything else, it has a flip side too. Sometimes, I crave to walk on the streets with the same carefree attitude as I did ten years ago. It’s strange that an actor works so hard for fame and when he earns it, he yearns for anonymity. It doesn’t end there. The very next moment, he also fears the anonymity and loss of identity. It is bizarre!

Being different
Goals are important, but the journey is more exciting. And with every accomplishment, there are new goals. So far, I have always wanted to keep my identity intact and yet be different. My choice of roles has been different since the beginning. I have never followed a set formula. My choices were critised but the very criticism has become my strength now. And the kind of cinema that was a risk a decade ago, has become main stream cinema because of my association with it.

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