Emraan has lost it!

Mar 31, 2012, 12:51 IST | Mauli Singh

After gorging on fast food to develop a paunch for a film, the actor was put on a strict diet and a rigorous exercise regime to lose the kilos in exactly two months


It could well be a surprise for many to see Emraan Hashmi sporting a paunch in Dibakar Banerjee's forthcoming film, especially given that the actor is known for his beefy look. Not only that, post shooting for the film, the actor was asked to get back in shape within two months for his next two films. 

Punching the paunch: Emraan Hashmi’s two contrasting characters in the films

Speaking about his transition from fat to fit, Emraan says, "For Dibakar's film, I was put on the fast food diet 20 days prior to the shoot of the film. I binged on pastas, pizzas, cakes and ice creams for three months. It was a blissful time. And I also stopped exercising. Then I was asked to lose all that weight within two months for my next two films." 

From fat to fit
Emraan admits that shedding the weight was a lot more difficult than anticipated. "It was a task! I was given two months to get back to shape. I worked my a** off to lose that flab. My trainer Pravin Tokas set the whole diet chart and training regime for me. I was put on a high protein, low fat and low sugar diet. 
My breakfast was egg whites and lunch was salads and grilled or boiled chicken, evening was again egg white and night was a mix of salads and fish. I used to have craving for food in the first week of my weight lose training and after that your body adapts again. I worked out at my house gym for an hour six days a week, sometime once a day and sometime twice a day.  I did a mix of cross section of exercises and cardio." 
Side effects
Going on such a severe workout regime obviously had its after effects. "When you have to remove fat and start rigorous workout, your body does somewhere crash. Such drastic change in diet affects your immunity and I fell sick around four times around that time," rues the actor.
Emran says from now on, he will think many times before making his body go through such a drastic change. "Doing such extreme stuff is not advisable. I wouldn't want to oscillate from one extreme to the other that fast because my body will crash. If I have a role where I need to make a paunch again, that will have to wait for a while now." 
So will he be seen in six-pack abs in both his upcoming films, "I have an aversion to the term six-pack. I generally prefer a fitter body." 

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