Engaged on 10/10/10, registration on 11/11/11, to get married on 12/12/12

Published: 11 December, 2012 09:52 IST | Kranti Vibhute and Pradeep Dhivar |

These dates hold special meaning for couple Emilia D'Silva and Brandon Pereira, who have chosen these dates to mark their engagement, court marriage and now, their church marriage at Mount Mary's Church on Wednesday

You know a couple is special when they date each other for 12 years, but Brandon Pereira (33) and Emilia D’Silva (28) have more to boast of. Believe it or not, the Kalina residents got engaged on 10/10/10, and then opted for a court marriage on 11/11/11. No prizes for guessing their chosen date for a church marriage – 12/12/2012.

Going to the chapel: It’s not just the dates. Brandon and Emilia promise that the wedding too will be unique. Everything from the venue, to the card, to the wedding dress has been designed and planned by Emilia. PICS/Pradeep Dhivar

Brandon and Emilia’s journey started in 2000. After a long, almost decade-long courtship, Brandon marriage to proposed to Emilia for a marriage in 2009. Brandon, an aircraft engineer for an international airline, said, “I never imagined that we would get such memorable dates in our life to remember. We dated for a long time and finally after 12 years decided to stay with each other forever. After I proposed to her, she thought of choosing a unique date for the engagement — 10/10/10. We got engaged and had a small party with close family and friends. Emilia is very creative, and decided to do something unique for our wedding as well.”

Emilia, said, “I never thought that these rare dates would come in my life. We hadn’t planned for all the dates to be so special but it all fell into place. Brandon works in Bahrain and he hardly gets time from his work. When he proposed in 2009, I had the idea of getting engaged on 10/10/10, to commemorate this date. Brandon went back to work in Bahrain, and when we started planning for a court marriage.”

She added, “We wanted everything to go smoothly and so we waited to get married. When we started planning our court marriage, another special date was approaching – 11/11/11. I told Brandon that we could get married on that day and he was game. We went to the Bandra marriage court and registered for a court marriage on that date, which was luckily a working day. It was a close family affair, and only a few of our friends came.”

After the court marriage, we started planning for a church wedding. Since we had chosen special dates for our engagement and our court marriage, we thought of the next rare date for our church wedding – 12/12/2012. I fixed on this date for all the religious rituals in Mount Mary church in Bandra, as Brandon had proposed to me at this church. I designed my own wedding card, designed by own wedding dress and got it custom-made from Bahrain, and also decided how my reception venue would look. I am sure these unique dates in my love story will make for an exciting story for my kids.” 

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