Enjoy a Mexican fiesta at Colaba's Mexiloko

Apr 09, 2014, 09:44 IST | Soma Das

If you are in the mood for Mexican food, there is one more place for you to explore. Mexiloko in Colaba whips up a delectable spread of nachos, burritos, empanadas and more, and does it in good time, too

Food: Good
Service: Helpful
Ambiance: Casual

While the city has found takers for Italian and Chinese cuisine, Mexican cuisine is still finding its feet. Perhaps, Mexiloko might do the trick. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), that opened recently in Colaba, seemed to be doing brisk business on the night we dropped by. It was jam-packed with groups and kids too, a good sign, we thought.

The interiors of Mexiloko

The eatery was dotted with lime green chairs that complemented the orange-hued walls (which had quotes inscribed on them). At the counter, we watched them prepare the dishes. It did get a bit smoky at times but the customers seemed non-plussed and they kept the door open to our relief.

The delicious Chipotle Chicken Bowl. Pics/Shadab Khan

We started off with a Chipotle Chicken Bowl (Rs 170), which was topped with layers and layers of lettuce. Beneath it, there was rice, salsa, and tender chunks of meat. It tasted even better with the jalapeno, chilli garlic and smoked sauces that we chose to accompany it. It was succulent but the portions could have been larger.

The yummy Lamb Empanadas

Not sated entirely, we opted for the Lamb Con Carne Burrito (Rs 180), which offered bang for the buck for being the most filling item on the menu. Wrapped in a fresh tortilla, it enclosed a delicious helping of shredded lamb, chilli stew and beans.

Next up, we sampled the Fish Lime and Coriander Fish Quesadillas (RS 140) and liked the combination of flavours. The warm tortilla was bursting with cheese and well-cooked fish and tasted like comfort food. Again, we wished for a more generous serving.

Barbeque Mushroom Tacos were satisfactory

The Lamb Con Carne Empanadas (Rs 100, for three pieces) could pass off for karanjis (and were just as tiny) and were stuffed with yummy minced lamb. Lastly, we asked for a BBQ Mushroom Taco (Rs 110) as a takeaway. It arrived with a taco and the fillings in separate containers. Post-assembling it, we took a  bite of the taco and it tasted satisfactory.

If you aren’t familiar with Mexican food, it’s reassuring to know that the attendants and the directors are around, and ready to help you out. For those looking for a quick service, it delivers on that as well. It was a good experience, overall. What’s good news is that they plan to start outlets across the city soon.

At: Bela Court Building, near Theobroma, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Colaba. Call: 22023100

Mexiloko didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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