Enjoy Ramazan food from the comfort of your home

Jun 30, 2015, 08:26 IST | Hassan M Kamal

This year, skip the Mohammad Ali Road trail, and indulge in appetising Ramazan fare from the comfort of your home with Delhi Zaika's Special Iftar Gift Box

Over the last decade, I have been a frequent visitor to Mohammad Ali Road during Ramazan. But each year, I have returned home with mixed feelings. The food was tasty, but greasy and unhygienic. I hoped I wouldn't fall sick the next day. The crowds were unbearable, while the food was expensive. I overlooked the cost, as I didn't expect to return. But I did return. Again, I found myself doubting the hygiene standards, how my health would hold up, while the crowds were off-putting. I felt shortchanged.

The Ramazan Special Iftar Gift Box from Delhi Zaika
The Ramazan Special Iftar Gift Box from Delhi Zaika. Pic/Bipin Kokate

This year, my concerns towards the pricing and the crowd have been addressed by Delhi Zaika's novel idea. The outdoor catering service and restaurant based in Grant Road has created a unique Ramazan Special Iftar Gift Box — a meal box that contains iftar delicacies, for Rs 300.

Curious, we called the catering service for an iftar box. The food arrived piping hot in a big cardboard box, barely half an hour before iftar.

Delhi Zakia

What's in the box?
We expected to find a couple of iftar delicacies, probably with some dry fruits in the box. To our surprise, Delhi Zaika's Iftar Box was packed with enough items to feed four-five people. The box contained 12 different items — Chicken Mince Roll, two Shammi Kebabs, two Chicken Lollypops, a Moghlai Parantha, two chicken fingers, two chicken sticks (deep fried on bamboo skewer sticks and laced with sewaiyan shavings), and several other kebabs and fried chicken preparations. A bit greasy, some had edible colours, but every item was delicious — neither spicy nor bland. Our favourites were the Mince Roll, the Shammi Kebab and the Moghlai Parantha. We missed tucking into a sweet dish that could have replaced a few meat items and balanced out the culinary joyride.

We must inform you that Delhi Zaika's Iftar Gift Box is not an ideal choice for those observing the fast; it's more like a gifting option for those who are too caught up to host iftar parties at home. The food is definitely worth a try, especially since it brings the taste Ramazan's street food delicacies into your home.

But most importantly, thanks to this, we won't have to jostle past crowds or return home with the feeling of being cheated for over-priced fare. Our suggestion: invite a few friends over to share the greasy indulgence.

Available At: Grant Road, Kurla (W) and Mumbra (Kausa).
Call: 23097995 or Whatsapp at 8898837788

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