Enjoying his new role

Apr 20, 2012, 07:27 IST | Special Features

Actor Boman Irani turned a father-in-law recently, and is fully enjoying his new role. He tells CS, "Life goes on, and becoming a father-in-law is part of the progression.

Reah, my daughter-in-law is a wonderful girl. We are very happy to have her in the family. As parents, nothing gives us greater joy and satisfaction than seeing our children settled and happy.

The fame and money of an actor’s life is great, but seeing our offsprings happy is extremely fulfilling.” Does the actor feel that he’s grown old now? He says, “No. I never feel old.

Of course, people tease me that I will now become a grandfather soon, and will be old then, but I refuse to believe it.” Well Boman, you will make a very handsome and young grandpa indeed! 

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