Enough is enough! Vikram Bhatt is determined to make Kamaal R Khan pay

Jun 28, 2016, 08:42 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Vikram Bhatt is in no mood to let the Twitter troll Kamaal R Khan get away with his offensive remarks against him. The hurt filmmaker vent out his anger in a 1,000-word blog post

Vikram Bhatt flew into New Delhi for a literary event on Sunday and on the way from the airport, he began jotting down his thoughts. Known for his heartfelt outpourings on social media, the filmmaker was hurt and angry, warned and cautioned. By the time, he had finished writing, it was over a 1,000-word blog post. Yesterday, at 10am, he posted it on his Facebook account and titled it 'Kamaal R Khan and my imminent mud wrestle'.

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Vikram Bhatt
Vikram Bhatt (above); Huma Qureshi (below) and Nargis Fakhri, two of the several  actresses that KRK has targeted on social media in the past

Bhatt is in no mood to let the Twitter troll get away with his offensive remarks against him. Last week, he slapped a defamation case against KRK and is taking further legal recourse. Bhatt sent the notice following KRK's nasty review of his film, '1920 London', last month, and for making a personal attack in which he was accused of trying to "supply Meera Chopra (actress of his film) to a well known producer by many dirty tricks."

The filmmaker says, "Many people told me that he does it to get attention and that I should just let him be. But I cannot remain silent; my conscience will not allow me to do that." According to Bhatt, KRK's disgusting tweets about Bollywood actresses amounts to sexual harassment. "Just because Bollywood does not have an office, the women cannot go and complain, unlike how it happens at the workplace. KRK is outraging their modesty. In any other situation, the person would have been taken to task," he adds.

He wonders why the National Commission of Women has not darted off a notice to KRK as yet. "Salman Khan's recent rape statement caused outrage and he was taken to task. So why is this man, who repeatedly outrages the modesty of women, going scot-free?"

At the same time, he declares, "I am not trying to be a messiah. Nor do I want to be crusader. I am a writer and a filmmaker. But, what he is doing is wrong. I am handling the emotional part of the battle while my lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee is helping me with the legal processes."

Bhatt also knows that not many from the industry will come out in his support, especially actresses whom KRK has harassed on social media. "I don't expect them to come forward. I know it could be a lone battle, but action has to be taken against him. He claims to be a film critic and producer, so he is part of the industry and someone needs to ask him to stop. And when it has happened to me, I can't remain silent."

The filmmaker is likely to file an FIR with Versova police against KRK today.

Kamaal R Khan
Kamaal R Khan

It all started with a Twitter duel between Mr Kamaal R. Khan and me after the release of my film 'Love Games'. Then, came his review of the film '1920 London'. Though I did not produce the film, direct it, write the dialogue or the screenplay, he decided to do a review of me instead of the film. He made absurd insinuations — called me a fraud, a pimp and other unsavory names. I couldn't care less. When you have made a business of ranting, then ranting is what you got to do! When you don't stand up and fight the rumours that are being perpetrated about you, your silence gives these rumours the fodder they need to seem like the truth to the people around you. I knew then that I had to fight, if not for for anything else then at least my daughter's tears.

Here are some of the things Mr Kamal R Khan has been saying about our ladies. And this is just tip of the iceberg:
On Bipasha Basu: Posting a picture of papayas on Twitter, he wrote, "These are as big as bipasha ke in bipasha song. ?#?Jodibreakers? ." He further added, "Believe me I go crazy when Bipasha move her boobs on the song Bipasha of Jodi breakers."

On Nargis Fakhri: "Nargis Fakhri says- My butt is bigger than my lips. Yes yes I know this yar but kabhi milo Tho Sahi yaar. @NargisFakhri How long can a woman go without sex? We r supposed 2have sex n don't lie 2me tat nobody wants it.[sic]."

Nargis Fakhri

On Malaika Arora: "There comes an Item.song from an Old lady Malaika Arora Khan who still dances at her best with hotness and curves, it was fun watching this dance."

On Priyanka Chopra: "I want to ask only one question to @priyankachopra ji Madam ji are you also a virgin like Rakhi Sawant? ?#?JustAsking?(sic)."

On Huma Qureshi: "I want to ask you one question if you will not feel bad? I want to have sex with you. Hahaha." He then addded, "Now watching Gangs of Wasseypur 2 for the 2nd time n only for Human Qureshi and dialogue Kahke Loonga"

Huma Qureshi

On Madhuri Dixit: "Ye lo buddhi Madhuri Dixit will again try to become no.1 actress. Madam ji just learn something from Sridevi."

On Alia Bhatt: "Alia looks so bacchi in panty but still some force her to wear it."

I am no Ram, in fact far from it. But I have decided to go to the heart of this evil to bring back what is good. If I have to fight filth and get filthy, then so be it. But fight I must!

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