Enter the Tiger

Apr 08, 2014, 06:02 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Being a mother, we have a natural empathy for the maternal instinct and therefore have been observing young Tiger Shroff's launch with fondness

Being a mother, we have a natural empathy for the maternal instinct and therefore have been observing young Tiger Shroff’s launch with fondness.

We have known Ayesha and Jackie, Tiger’s striking looking parents for well over three decades or more. Both can attribute their good looks to an extraordinary cocktail of ancestry which include Turkish, Gujarati, European and Bengali blood; both grew up at Malabar Hills, not too far from where we lived, and both have the distinction of being known as genuinely good human beings.

Tiger Shroff with father Jackie 

The fact that the official trailer of Tiger’s debut film Heropanti was launched recently by none other than industry stalwarts Aamir Khan and Subhash Ghai, speaks much of the regard his parents are held in.

Aamir Khan

Without it too, he seems to be a winner. A spectacular physicality, a shy demeanour and a killer smile.

Here’s looking at you Tiger. Roar on!

Subhash Ghai

Another one made in heaven?
He’s been linked with some pretty bootilicious young women including a long-limbed actress but now word comes in that this dashing heir and Hollywood aspirant is dating the daughter of a high profile NRI couple, based between Lagos and London, the same one which had hosted what is said to be one of the most elegant weddings recently in the South of France for their son who married into an old Parsi family.

The wedding had attracted much attention not only for its high profile guest list that comprised a nice mix of new and old money but also for its impeccable arrangements.

As a close friend of the young couple said, “They’ve both grown up in London; the families know each other for Yonkers and have so much in common. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed.”

It’s too early to expect wedding bells but in that inevitability expect one of the most high profile and glamorous weddings society has seen.

Yes? No? May be?
So finally the Indian head shake, that maddeningly confusing, irritatingly ubiquitous gesture that has confounded millions of people all over the world has finally got its own viral sensation. 

Ever since its launch a few months ago, a 1:44 minutes long video titled “Indian headshakes, what do they mean?” has attracted more than 1.2 million hits on Youtube, we’re told.

The Youtube video that went viral

Shot in a home video genre, with tongue firmly in cheek, it attempts to decode the nuanced wobbles that have driven people mad in to categories like 'Yes, No, May be'. In fact, so popular has this visual spoof become that its creator is rumoured to have told the BBC, “If we had known that this video was going to get such awesome viewer ship, we would have shot it better.” To which all we can do is nod in agreement.

A Rose by any other name
“When I left my house in Kurla late afternoon yesterday, I pinned a rose around the knot I'd tied my hair into,” writes the lovely Goa born-and-based Rosalyn D’mello, Editor-in-chief, Artinfo India, and one of super literary agent David Godwin’s protégés.

Rosalyn D’mello

“It was a fresh orange rose from my mother's little rose garden,” says the dusky beauty whose past job with Zubaan Books had made her resident of Delhi. “One and a half hour later, after dragging through traffic snarls in a Kali Peeli, (we like that description of the Mumbi taxi) I finally arrived at Churchgate,” she wrote in her poignant post. “ It was a long, long journey during which the rose just gave up and died.”

As one who had spent many an hour on a similar commute during our college going days, marvelling at the tenacity of fellow commuters and their never say die attitude, we can only say that the vivid description of Rosalyn’s rose and how it shrivelled up and died is one of the strongest indictments of Mumbai’s horrific public transport system.

It takes a writer to bring home what decades of hacks; activists and experts can only allude to.

Gathering of Stalwarts
They are easily one of the city’s most beloved couples, and given that the country’s leading CA Shailesh and IMC Ladies Wing's indefatigable Amita Haribhakti also command respect in their individual professional spheres, it is no surprise that their at- home dinner on Friday night saw some of the city’s most prominent names gather under their roof. 

Shailesh Haribhakti, Sucheta Dalal, Kishore Biyani, Shailesh Vaidya

From top solicitor Shailesh Vaidya, to financial whiz GN Bajpai, to founder of the Future Group Kishore Biyani, investment banker Manish Kejriwal, financial journalist Sucheta Dalal, builder Niranjan Hiranandani, Rajya Sabha MP YP Trivedi, and ace educationist, Viral Doshi they were all there, pillars of the establishment, the great and the good.

The Marwari vegetarian fare was to die for, the conversation that coalesced around India’s cricket win that day and the country’s financial health was riveting and the Haribhakti hospitality was as warm and welcoming as expected. We like!

Taking Mumbai by storm
We first met her at our friend Pammi Bakshi's Diwali party, when she had come accompanied by her close friend Neetu Kapoor. We ran in to her soon after that at a ladies lunch, again in the same company and twice after that in quick succession at Shabana’s Mijwan show and at Abu’s birthday party.

Each time we had been struck as much by her warmth and exuberance as the manner in which people were beating a path to her door.

Dipti Sandesra

Bearing a striking resemblance to former model Suzanne Sablok, and dressed impeccably in the latest international designer threads, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the attractive Dipti Sandesra has taken Mumbai society by storm.

Married in to the Baroda based Sandesra family who run the 6.9 billion dollar privately owned Sandesra conglomerate with interests in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, oil and gas, and engineering, Dipti is emblematic of a new India in which old social structures are rapidly being re-calibrated. Her husband Chetan’s elder brother Nitin Sandesra, was described by Businessworld as ‘an untiring chartered accountant’ until he started his fast expanding group.

With a freshness and charm in spite of her private jets and drop dead jewels, Dipti ‘s response when asked to name her best friends in Mumbai was delightfully disarming “I don’t want to name any one,” she said, “as the others will feel hurt.”


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