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Aug 15, 2012, 08:20 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Watching Salman Khan's dour deadpan dry performance during his Ek Tha Tiger promos, we can't help but fall in love with him once again. Here is a man who is so politically incorrect that he makes the term itself appear foolish.

Malavika Sangghvi

>> Watching Salman Khan’s dour deadpan dry performance during his Ek Tha Tiger promos, we can’t help but fall in love with him once again. Here is a man who is so politically incorrect that he makes the term itself appear foolish.

Unafraid to offend, speak his mind or generate controversies, Khan is a delight to watch. We were particularly amused to watch Khan demolish fellow hunk John Abraham with a throwaway line and a flicker of his famous eyebrow. “One day Katrina was crying because John Abraham threw her out of a film (Saaya).”

He said to CNN IBN yesterday, “I was like, ‘so, why are you crying? He has done you a favour. There will be a time that you perhaps would be able to throw him out of a film. Don’t throw him out of the film, work with him,” said Khan with a sneer.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, Ek Tha Tiger
Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif promote Ek Tha Tiger.

While a tense and pale Katrina tried to maintain a stoic calm and smile through her unease. Whatever their present relationship, it is obvious that when it comes to Salman, Kaif is happy to play second fiddle and grin and bear it. Because from the looks of it Salman, is all set to be an even bigger box office phenomena after the release of ETT. See you in the movie queue!

John Abraham
John Abraham

Mid-life Crisis
>> This highly sought after and socially powerful NRI gent, who had made Mumbai his home until recently, has shocked and dismayed his friends and colleagues by his callous behaviour. Apparently after selling off his company, the gentleman has dumped his graceful wife of over three decades to shack up with a young woman half his age in a Far Eastern country. “No one can figure out what on earth happened to him,” said one of his concerned drinking buddies. “It was a mid-life crisis — then by God — none of us saw it coming. They seemed such a genuinely happy couple!” What’s more galling is the fact that the gentleman is supposed to have made his fortune on the back of his wife’s family name-hailing as she does from one of India’s most well-heeled clans. As of now, the much-admired lady is in Mumbai soaking up some much-needed TLC from her friends and family.

Conspiracy theories and Kabir
>> It is always good to meet Kabir Bedi. Erudite and interested in the world around him, the actor-social commentator spoke to us about the scandal surrounding Donald Rumsfeld and the Tami flu vaccine at the recent MiD DAY anniversary party. According to Bedi, through a vastly cynical exploitation of his nexus to the official policy making process in America, Secretary of Defence, Rumsfeld who was a large shareholder in Gilead, pocketed billions of dollars after fanning the Swine Flu scare.

Kabir Bedi
Kabir Bedi

“Rumsfeld’s connection with the pharmaceutical industry has resulted in a series of scares that have netted him billons,” said the actor who has made his support of the anti–corruption Anna Hazare movement his cause célèbre.

Donald Rumsfeld
Donald Rumsfeld

“His company sold the Aspartame Nutrasweet, a suspected carcinogenic on which he earned some $10 million,” said Kabir, “And before that, he made about $5 million on Tami flu after the Swine scare.” Is Kabir a conspiracy theorist? “Not really,” said the handsome star who wears his iconic Sandokan success lightly. “My father was a Marxist who later turned in to a highly regarded spiritualist, my mother was a Buddhist monk, but I am a realist if I am anything at all.”

The Sexual Liberator
>> Goodbye Helen Gurley Brown. Before you came on the scene and gave us your path-breaking book Sex and the Single Girl in the early ‘60s, women were pretty much the mouse burgers that you so pityingly referred to in your writings.

sex and the city
(Below) Helen Gurley Brown. A still from Sex and the City

You were as liberating for the female species as the Pill, as empowering as the wonder bra and as encouraging of sexual freedom and enjoyment as Hugh Hefner. In fact, together you and Hef marched generations of baby boomers in to the swinging ‘60s and the sexual revolution.

Helen Gurley Brown

Goodbye HGB. In your three decades as editor of the coyly sexual Cosmopolitan you taught women the wonders of sexual power, you gave them tips on seduction and sensuality and you made orgasms part of the public narrative. Goodbye HGB, thank you for the growing-up tips, thank you for the confidence and thank you for the creation of the liberated and confident women you helped create. Without you, there would have been no Sex and the City, no power women sipping Margaritas during lunch breaks and no Fifty Shades of Gray. We shall miss your diminutive slightly comical wraith like presence in our lives. As the obit in the New York Times’ reported tongue firmly in cheek. “She was 90, though parts of her were considerably younger.”

Doc’s chicken scrawl
>> Yesterday to our great horror we found ourselves incapacitated for the better part of the day, thanks to a careless doctor and a myopic chemist! Instead of swallowing what we thought to be a mild antibiotic, we had inadvertently consumed a strong sleeping tablet, which put us out for most of the day. Why can’t doctors write their prescriptions in clearer handwriting? And with so much potential for risk and abuse, how come someone hasn’t come up with a software solution to this common problem? (Text prescriptions, which do not require handwriting expertise?) Please gentleman, a little penmanship will go a long way in ensuring the health and happiness of your patients! 

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