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Apr 10, 2012, 06:48 IST | Anjali Jhangiani

Go on a 5D roller coaster ride or walk through a laser maze at the newly opened gaming station Amigos, which has many interactive games that will give you a taste of futuristic fun

If you have always been thrilled watching a hero wriggle his way through a mesh of laser beams, or if you have always wanted to go on a breathtaking adventure ride through rain forests or snowy rocky mountains, Amigos is the place to be. The gaming station offers gaming enthusiasts a wide range of options and is sure to soon emerge as a popular haunt for youngsters in the city.

A customer engrossed in a game at Amigos

“Amigos means friends in Spanish. This is a place meant for friends to come in a group and have an enjoyable time together,” says Shilpa Pophale, MD, Electronica Finance. “Our idea is to introduce new entertainment options in the city. Pune is a youthful city and there should be more options for youngsters to have some quality fun,” she adds.

Amigos also has a snack bar which serves vegetarian fast food like burgers, frankies and fries and a spa corner which lets you indulge in a relaxing spa experience for 20 minutes.

There are three main games that are surely worth a check — Laser Maze, Laser Tag and 5D ride. For the laser maze, one must bend, crawl, twist and hop carefully to avoid touching the mesh of fluorescent laser beams and get to the targets placed at different corners of the room.

The interiors of Amigos

A digital scoreboard records the points depending on the time taken to complete the mission and the number of times one touches a laser beam. Another screen placed outside the laser room allows teammates to watch what is going on inside the laser room.

The Laser Tag game is like paintball, only without the mess. One needs to wear a special laser gear with guns and hunt down players of the opposite team in an outer space battle ground.

The 5D ride will take you through the African rain forests, up on high plateaus and throw you down into streams just before bouncing you back onto the mountain where rocks come rumbling down.

The 5D theatre screen makes the movie come alive and the chair on which you are seated fastened with a seatbelt go topsy-turvy in sync with the movie. Don’t be surprised if you’re sprinkled with water as you splash onto the river on screen, as it is all a part of the five-dimensional experience.

The joint also features many PSP games. “We offer special packages to corporates and big groups that come to us for organising birthday parties,” informs Pophale.

At 810/A, Bilwakunj, opposite Bhandarkar Institute,
Law College Road.
Call 60601616 

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