EPL: Wenger vs Mourinho: The best verbal gems

Apr 26, 2015, 07:28 IST | Agencies

After Arsenal and Chelsea managers took digs at each other before today's EPL clash at the Emirates, we look at the best digs from the two managers' 10-year-old verbal war...

Wenger on Chelsea's lack of home-grown talent in 2005: I don't see especially that Chelsea play more English players than we do. Who have they produced (who are) home-grown? Just one, John Terry.

Wenger on Mourinho's negative tactics in 2005: I know we live in a world where we have only winners and losers, but once a sport encourages teams who refuse to take the initiative, the sport is in danger.

Wenger responds to Jose's 'voyeur' jibe in 2005: He's out of order, disconnected with reality and disrespectful. When you give success to stupid people, it makes them more stupid sometimes.

Arsene Wenger vs Jose Mourinho

Mourinho on Wenger's Chelsea obsession in 2005: I think he is one of these people who is a voyeur. He is someone who likes to watch other people. There are some guys who, when they are at home, have a big telescope to look into the homes of other people and see what happens. He speaks, speaks, speaks about Chelsea. It's a sickness.

Mourinho on Wenger's record at Arsenal in 2014: He's a specialist in failure ... if I do that at Chelsea, eight years without silverware, I leave and I don't come back

Mourinho says Wenger's has a 'dream job' in 2015: At this moment, Wenger has a dream job that we would all love to have. He has the stability and has the time to buy and sell and wait for success, and wait and wait.

War of words before battle
Our job is to win football games and that is what they have done in recent games. It's easy to defend. If we have to defend, then we will defend
— Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager

It's not easy, not easy. If it was easy, you wouldn't lose 1-3 at home to Monaco (in the Champions League). It's not that easy to defend
— Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager


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