Esha Gupta gets a rude shock!

Aug 18, 2012, 06:53 IST | Shakti Shetty

Actress Esha Gupta was left aghast when a crewmember was nearly electrocuted on the sets of her film

Recently, on the sets of Esha Gupta’s new film, a crewmember almost got electrocuted. Initially, Esha had thought someone was playing a prank on her. But when she found out that a technician had really received a very bad electric shock, she was left aghast.


Our source says, “The technician Chris was handling the 3D equipment and got injured. In fact, he got an electric shock even after everything was checked and all precautionary measures were taken. Esha initially thought a prank was being played on her. It was only later when he didn’t respond to his name being called out and the doctors being called in, did she realise the severity of the situation at hand.”

The episode shook everyone up on the sets, especially her. Esha says, “The wiring wasn’t set up and the 3D technicians’ room had heavy machinery and that’s the time when Chris got electrocuted. He was passed out cold for 10 minutes after which he was rushed to the hospital. I thought he was fooling around but sadly, that wasn’t the case.”

Double trouble
Meanwhile on the sets of the same film, Esha too received a shock. Well, almost. It happened when director Vikram Bhatt refused to use a body double for a scene where the actress is portrayed standing on the edge of a cliff, hallucination about jumping off the ledge.

Esha finally had to give in and conquer her fears. The actress says, “I suffer from acrophobia and had to stand on a 50 feet high cliff. We were shooting for it at night and it made me more nervous.”

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