Esther Anuhya case spurs cops to ease traffic chaos outside Dadar station

Mar 11, 2014, 08:19 IST | Shashank Rao

Police were seen disciplining wayward taxi drivers and organising passengers into queues at the eastern entrance to Dadar station last morning; drive started in the wake of murder of Esther Anuhya, who went missing from LTT

It took the death of 23-year-old Esther for authorities to take note of, and control the traffic chaos outside Dadar (East) station at the Swaminarayan junction. The junction, which sees taxis, vehicles and people jostling for road space and coming from different directions at any given hour, was a picture of contrast last morning. 

Taxis and vehicles coming from different directions were forced to follow rules yesterday. Every taxi that came to drop passengers outside the station was made to wait, in course of the drive. “We are intensifying security and traffic discipline outside vital stations like Dadar which are used by many women, especially after the Esther Anuhya case,” said Sujata Patil, Senior Police Inspector (Traffic), Matunga.

A meeting was also held with porters and taxi drivers, a special effort being made to sensitise the latter category about the needs of passengers who they turn down every day without even a second look.

Passengers were also seen standing in queue, to be directed by traffic police into taxis as they approached. “We have been receiving several complaints about the problems at Dadar station,” said a police officer posted there.

Road discipline: Passengers were made to stand in queue, and cops flagged cabs and directed them into the vehicles 

There were two different queues — one right outside the station and the across the road — both serpentine.

Taxi drivers, as soon as they got wind of the drive, were up to their usual tricks. Some were seen veering away before the cops called out to them. Others were seen taking the road leading to Matunga in a bid to escape.

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