Eunuchs claim to rid home of 'curse', steal cash and gold

Sep 03, 2012, 06:58 IST | Shiva Devnath

Accused duped lawyer's neighbour of Rs 3 lakh, including the Rs 50,000 the advocate had kept with him for an emergency situation as his son was not keeping well

In attempting to rid his house of an imaginary curse, a Malad man ended up with a real one. Advocate Ashok Saraogi and a neighbour have complained to cops against three unidentified eunuchs for cheating and robbery of Rs 88,000 in cash and 75 g of gold.

 CCTV images of the accused outside Saraogi's house
Looking for an opening: CCTV images of the accused outside Saraogi’s house

Though the crime took place on November 1 last year, an FIR was lodged only on Saturday.

A written complaint was filed on July 27 by Saraogi and the FIR was registered after police investigation. The lawyer has also provided CCTV footage of the accused captured by cameras outside his residence.

According to the complaint, the three eunuchs had come to Saraogi’s house on the day, asking for water. His sister opened the door, but brushed off the trio.

The accused later knocked on the adjacent door of Jayantiprasad Gorge.

Once they were provided with water, the accused got into the house and said they were getting ‘negative vibes’ from the place as if someone had cursed it.

Gorge’s wife Meena and daughter Sangeeta were also present.

Cashing in on curse!
Gorge asked them the way to get rid of the curse. The three eunuchs demanded they get all their cash, jewellery and a few other things, and place them on a red piece of cloth.

Assistant police inspector Manohar Harpude from Malad said, “They claimed that all the jewellery and cash had to be carried to a road joining three other roads and were to be kept there for a while. When Sangeeta said she would join them, the accused asserted that the curse would follow her if she came along. They left, and did not return.”

Saraogi had kept Rs 50,000 with Gorge for emergency situations, as the lawyer’s son had been ill for a few days.

The case came to light once Saraogi asked for his money. Gorge narrated the whole incident and said he did not file a complaint, as he was worried about the jibes he’d have to face once it became known that he was looted by eunuchs.

“I filed a complaint at Malad police station after I spoke to the neigbours. They have now lodged an FIR. We have provided cops with CCTV footage as well,” Saraogi told MiD DAY.

Cops are now in search of the three eunuchs and have distributed their photos among others from their community in and around Goregaon and Malad. 

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