Eunuchs hitch a ride with NRI, thrash and rob him

Apr 24, 2012, 07:25 IST | Sujeet Yadav

26-year-old Rahul Seth was on his way from a party when the two miscreants begged him for a lift, wangled entry into his apartment, before assaulting him and running away with valuables worth Rs 75,000

Lulled by an evening of revelry, a 26-year-old NRI was on his way home to Andheri on Friday night when his heroic and charitable instincts were aroused by the sight of two helpless women, desperately waving for a lift on the auto he had flagged. Little did he know that a rude awakening lay in store for him — the two women, who were later discovered to be eunuchs by the complainant, went on to allegedly assault and rob him, before fleeing with valuables worth Rs 75,000.

1. Spotting the ‘women’ desperately waving for a lift, Seth stopped the auto and decided to help them

In the wee hours on Friday, Rahul Seth, after attending a late night party in Bandra, hailed an auto to take him to his Horizon View residence in Seven Bungalows, Andheri. As his auto passed a hotel in Juhu, he saw two women desperately waving for a lift. Sensing that the girls were in dire need of help at the late hour, he stopped the auto and decided to offer them a lift.

2. After Seth got down from the auto in his building, they followed him and pleaded with him to let them into his apartment so they could use the bathroom and have some water

“I had returned from Dubai a month ago, and I have never heard of such incidents of looting in the city. I saw these two simply dressed women standing in the middle of the road waving for a lift. If I had known that this is a charade to mug people, I would never have made the mistake of offering help,” said Seth. According to Seth’s account, the two women claimed that they too were on their way to Lokhandwala, so Seth unhesitatingly asked them to enter the auto and share the ride.

3. As soon as they were inside, they threatened Seth at knifepoint, punched him, and escaped with the booty Illustrations/Amit Bandre

When the auto drew up near Seth’s building, he got off and drew out his wallet to pay the fare. Seth claimed that the two accused must have noticed that it was full of cash. They promptly got off and started following him. They pleaded with Seth to be let into his apartment so they could use the bathroom and have a drink of water. Still not suspicious of their motives, he let them in.

As soon as they were inside, they threatened Seth at knifepoint and punched him below his left eye. Seth could only put up a weak resistance — the two then fled with Rs 15,000 in cash and a ring worth Rs 60,000, which Seth had bought in Dubai. “When I regained consciousness, I went to the police station and registered a complaint against the two. I suspected that the two women were eunuchs, and I informed the cops accordingly. But they made fun of me. After several requests, cops registered an NC,” Seth said.

An officer from Versova police station said, “We have filed a non-cognizable complaint and we are investigating the matter. So far no arrest had been made.” Sub inspector Prakash Oswal of Versova police station, said, “The man was heavily drunk and could not stand straight, so we hesitated and then filed an NC. We have activated our sources and are making inquiries about who have criminal records in area between Andheri and Bandra. Also, we are making a sketch based on the description given by Seth.” Seth is a property broker and earlier worked in a construction company. He came to Mumbai a month ago. 

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