'Even a bad film can make money'

May 16, 2012, 08:30 IST | Shakti Shetty

Lillete Dubey wants more film roles suited for her age

Lillete Dubey is not too impressed with Hindi films these days. The actress who has been performing in theatre for two decades rues that there aren’t enough film roles these days suited for 40-plus actresses.

According to her, most of the scripts are written keeping male actors in mind. She points out, “No wonder some of the finest actresses aren’t working as the stories written are primarily male-dominated.”

But this doesn’t discourage her from actively participating in both cinema as well as theatre. She loves both the mediums but feels the two can’t be placed in the same bracket. The actress adds, “I do theatre because it’s artistically more challenging.

On the other hand, I get exposure to a variety of actors on the big screen. Having said that, we can’t compare the two. It’d be like comparing apples and pears. At the end of the week, cinema talks in figures. And even a bad film can make money. You can’t say the same about a bad play!” 

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