'Even if I fail, I'll still be your Grand Slam champ'

May 31, 2012, 08:39 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Leander Paes is not apprehensive about his delayed Bollywood debut. Instead says he is ready for the risk

While Leander Paes is having his dream run at the moment when it comes to his first passion — tennis, his Bollywood ambitions have taken a backseat at the moment. 

Leander Paes

Currently preparing for the rigorous tennis season ahead of him — with the Olympics, the Wimbledon and the French Open, the sportsperson tells HitList that he will get back to filming again only towards the end of the month.

“I was shooting till February,” says Leander, when we caught up with him, “But it’s on hold due to my tennis commitments. Shooting will commence again from October-November onwards,” he explains.

Leander goes on to add that he’s blessed to be working with people who understand the demands of his dual profession. “They know that when I work for them, I am willing to work 24 hour shifts,” he added. Quashing rumours that Rajdhani Express hasn’t found any distributor, Leander said, “The shooting’s not even complete.”

While being termed one of India’s best tennis players, some people have expressed their opinion on how it’s foolhardy on Paes’ part to opt for films. But Paes doesn’t rise to the bait. “Everything is a risk. Crossing the road in India is the biggest risk these days!” he laughed, “But I don’t live my life in fear.”

And if he fails? “Then I’m still your Grand Slam champion,” he said, “In any business, you succeed in many and fail in quite a few. I’ve played many matches that were amazing and a few that were really rubbish. So hopefully, I’ll make some great films. I’m sure there will be a few I’ll fail in. Mr Bachchan gave 19 flops in the beginning of his career!” 

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