'Every gig in India is special'

Updated: Sep 06, 2018, 17:36 IST | Dhara Vora Sabhnani

We catch up with Brit pop sensation Jay Sean who returns to the country for a tour

'Every gig in India is special'
Jay Sean. Pic/Twitter Jay Sean

In what way has the Asian music scene in the UK changed since the Rishi Rich Project days?
Everything evolves and it must. We can’t stay stuck in the past. Life moves on, as we must too, in music and in film. The style of shooting, the dialogues, the soundtracks, the plot — it all has to represent today’s generation, culture, youth, and reality. I love that I am seeing this in a big way.

Tell us a bit about your recent album.
This particular album is a marriage of three eras of R&B — the ’90s, the 2000s to modern-age R&B — all the sounds I grew up on and are natural to me. I’m excited for my fans to hear it piece-by-piece, song-by-song. Also my recent single Cherry Papers became a hit, it’s a nod to the slow sexy R&B sound that my fans first heard on Ride It, Stay, and Tears in the Ocean. I like to switch things for my fans, from making them throw their hands in the air and dance, to getting them to sit back and chill and get them in touch with their feelings.

What can we expect from your upcoming gig?
My most loyal fan bases have been from India for the last 15 years. The love and pride that I feel from my Indian fan base makes every new performance here unique and special. Even though I have performed there many times during my career, I look forward to each time I get to be in front of this audience since they are familiar with my music. Some people might not be aware but my musical roots originate from hip-hop. I was a rapper, a DJ, a beatboxer, a producer and a singer since the age of 14. I am finally bringing those elements into my new show. My fans will feel as if they are at a private party where they have been invited not as a fan, but as a friend.

You recently welcomed your second child. How challenging is it to be on tour now?
I love being a father. The unconditional love kids give puts life into perspective. It’s so easy to get caught up in this entertainment industry. But now that I have the privilege and responsibility of raising two children, I am no longer living for me but for my family. I am in such a happy place.

On September 11, 9 pm
At Lord of the Drinks, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel. log on to insider.in
Entry Rs 1,523

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