Every woman should be encouraged to fly high: Prajakta Shukre

Sep 08, 2013, 11:38 IST | Punam Chavan

Safety is every woman's right and singer Prajakta Shukre's song highlights this need

Artistes have always tended to project what’s happening in society through their work. Disturbed by the current state of affairswhen it comes to women and their safety in the city, singer Prajakta Shukre, who was among the top five finalists of Indian Idol Season One, has also lent her voice to a single Apni Azaadi. Inspired by the song Apni Azaadi from the movie Leader, Shukre’s version is about women empowerment. Excerpts from an interview:

Prajakta Shukre

What message do you want to convey through this song?
The song sends a strong message to women to stand up for themselves and be courageous. As this is a retro song from the movie Leader which is remembered till date, I had immense responsibility to live up to the calibre. The original song is a bit fast-paced but our version is slightly slow as I wanted to put more emphasis on the emotions. The music has been re-arranged by Abhas Joshi and Shreyas Joshi. Rajesh Sonawane has directed the video and has beautifully shot the current scenario when it comes to rise in crimes against women.

How important is it for an artiste to raise current issues through their work?
All artistes are human beings first. Every artiste uses his or her medium of art to voice their opinion. Just as a painter sketches his thoughts on the canvas, I, as a singer, have voiced my opinion through this song.

What is your opinion about the rise in crimes against women?
I get moved when such incidents happen. I feel Mumbai is a good city where a working woman can step out of her house to fulfill her dreams, but safety is the need of the hour. Every woman should be encouraged to fly high rather than be caged with fear.

Apart from this song, what other projects are you working on?
I hope Bollywood comes my way soon (laughs). I love to sing romantic and melodious songs. But at present the music scene in Bollywood is very different. Music composers want different voices for different songs. So, even established singers have their own share of struggle.

You have recently lent your voice to regional films. Tell us something about those.
Yes, I have sung the title track of the Marathi movie No Entry and also a song for the film Kuni Ghar Deta Ka Ghar.  

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