Everybody loves Ranbir!

Jul 24, 2012, 08:54 IST | Jigar Shah

Actor gets mobbed at a recent event, learns about his growing popularity the hard way

It looks like Ranbir Kapoor has become the ultimate pin-up boy for the starry eyed female population in Mumbai. So much so that the actor was mobbed at a recent event where girls poured in, in hordes to meet and greet their favourite actor.


Even before he could arrive at the venue, his car was gheraoed by fans, some even banging against the vehicle, all in hope for a photograph with Ranbir. In fact, even his driver was stressed, trying not to run over some poor fan, while parking the vehicle.


And once the security guards at the event managed to smuggle the actor into the venue, poor RK didn’t even have a place to stand. While girls screamed at the top of his voice, Ranbir was left languishing in the security personnel’s’ office. Even his voice was drowned by the din around him.

Once the event was over, it took him another 45 minutes to reach his car. We even saw women pulling his jackets from several angles.A friend of the actor who was present at the venue told us, “He didn’t yell. He just wanted to make sure no one was hurt during the whole thing. He didn’t even move his car till everyone was out of the way.” Phew! The travails of being a star…

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