Ex-Army chief, VK Singh accuses army of planting 'snoopy bugs'

Jan 06, 2013, 08:47 IST | Agencies

Ex-Army chief Gen VK Singh's family alleges bugging attempt at house, says that it was an attempt to barge into his house

High drama was witnessed at the residence of former Army chief Gen VK Singh in New Delhi yesterday after a Major went there purportedly to remove the army’s telephone exchange but his family alleged that it was an attempt to plant snooping bugs.

The Major of the Signals Regiment was “detained” by the family members who called the media to the scene in Mandir Marg in Delhi Cantonment at around 2 pm.

Vk Singh’s family alleged the Major to be ‘bugging into their house’

“We found him (Major) at the house. They (team) could not give any reasonable logic for being here. They had no valid documents. They may have come to bug the phone. We detained, apprehended him.He revealed his identity as Maj R Vikram from 1st Signals Regiment. Recently they have withdrawn security and now this has happened. There could be something big,”said Gen Singh’s lawyer Vishwajeet Singh.

The Army dismissed the allegations of snooping attempt, saying its team had gone there to remove the Army telephone exchange installed there and the issue was created due to a communication gap.

“Due to a miscommunication somewhere, a Signals Regiment party went to remove the Army exchange and lines at the Mandir Marg house of Gen VK Singh. Mrs VK Singh objected to the removal of the exchange without prior notice,” the Army said in
a statement.

In deference to her objection, the team returned without removing the exchange.

“There was a communication gap. The Army team had gone there to remove telephone exchange but no prior information was given due to which all this happened,” Army PRO Col J Dahiya said.

Sources claim that the Army will now carry out the exercise after giving prior information to the family.

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