Ex-policemen speak on Mumbai top cop's post

Sep 09, 2015, 11:29 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The commissioner’s post is very glamorous. The top cop always remains in the limelight

The commissioner’s post is very glamorous. The top cop always remains in the limelight. The top cop is called for social gatherings, events and so on. He is like the king of Mumbai. In Mumbai, the financial capital, the important decisions are taken by the top cop.

Giving licences to builders, NOCs, legal matters, law and order, etc for everything there has to be permission from cops. And who does not want to control the king? Politicians want to appoint a king who is in their favour, and will work according to their whim. Everyone has their own choice for their own work.
— Y P Singh, Former police officer and lawyer

The top cop’s post for Mumbai is a very high profile post. Most of the decisions in Mumbai and every happening thing here is under the commissioner. The commissioner has direct or indirect interference in every big case and happening in the city.

Several permissions, licences, NOC permits etc are given by the top cop. Currently the CM has the home department. Legally he has the right and power to appoint the commissioner.
— M N Singh, Former Commissioner of Police, Mumbai

Mumbai is the most important city of India and it has international importance. It is a happening city, there is a variety of crimes, and glamour is high. Mumbai is financially the most powerful city.

There is a lot of political interference in the appointment of the commissioner, as several wrong doings of political people are kept hidden by the top cop.
— Y C Pawar, Former Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order)

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