WWE superstar Matt Hardy discusses Jeff Hardy not being human, his love for chicken tikka and more

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We got a chance to catch up with WWE superstar Matt Hardy, one half of the legendary tag team partnership Hardy Boys over coffee and decided to decode him with a few of our questions. Read on to find out what Matt Hardy has to say...

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE. Along with his real-life brother Jeff, Matt gained notoriety in WWF's tag team division due to the Hardys' participation in Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches. As a tag team wrestler, he is a 13-time world tag team champion, having held six WWF/World Tag Team Championships, three WWE/Raw Tag Team Championships, one ROH World Tag Team Championship, one WCW Tag Team Championship and two TNA World Tag Team Championships

We got a chance to catch up with the WWE superstar, one half of the legendary tag team partnership Hardy Boys over coffee and decided to decode him with a few of our questions. Read on to find out what Matt Hardy has to say

What is the greatest achievement of your WWE career according to you?

I have been very blessed to have a memorable WWE career, when my brother and I started, the only thing we dreamt of was to win the World Tag Team title at least once, but obviously we have exceeded that goal many many times, so winning the title for the first time in 1999 was a huge deal. Personally speaking, becoming the cruiserweight singles champion for me was great. Also, coming back to WrestleMania 33 and winning the tag team title once again was very special.

Your brother Jeff Hardy completed 20 years in the industry. Could you elaborate a little bit on his journey?

I think Jeff, or Brother Nero as I like to call him affectionately, has been the biggest risk-taker WWE has ever seen. It is unbelievable to put your body through so much stress for such a length of time, sometimes I really think if he is human.

We have read you enrolled in college to get a major in engineering. What made you take up wrestling in WWE as a career?

Before I was majoring in Civil Engineering, my mom had passed away to cancer when I was really young, so it was just my dad taking care of both me and Jeff. One summer when I came home, my dad got really sick and I didn’t go back to college for the next semester to take care of him. By that time wrestling was doing really well for us, so I decided ok I am going to take a break from school and I am going to pursue this crazy dream, fortunately it worked out pretty well for us and we are doing this for the past 26 years now.

Your stint with Bray Wyatt was brilliant, what happened there?

I think I just needed to take some time off to attend to my injuries, but it was really fun with him and I feel like there is a lot more we could have done, especially if we could do more remote vignettes at the Hardy compound, which is my home and I would have just loved to have more vignettes for myself and Bray out there. So I feel because we both are such special characters, we didn’t need to be in the ring every week and we could have maximized our potential doing other creative stuff.

Recently social media was abuzz with news about you wanting to be the RAW GM. So how did that idea come by?

I think the current interim general manager has been just abusing his power, he has been running wild and has been a big menace to all the current stars in RAW, and I feel I’ll be the perfect guy to come and clean up the town, plus I guess Woken Matt Hardy will be very entertaining in his decision-making.

Speaking of cleaning up the mess, anything you want to change immediately after you become the RAW general manager?

The first thing I would do is start treating people fairly, I would make everyone accountable and I would make people to respect my decisions.

From the current roster, who is your favourite WWE superstar and why?

Seth Rollins is the guy that stands out for me, he’s on the path of becoming like a Shawn Michaels in WWE. He is also a good talker, and people have decided that Seth Rollins is the guy they want to back.

When I came in, you were talking about Butter Chicken with a couple of people, is that your favorite Indian dish or you prefer something else in Indian cuisine?

Butter chicken and chicken tikka are my regulars, I wish I could just eat garlic naan all day but all that bread will disturb my fitness regime.

The WWE tryouts are coming to India in Mumbai for the first time, so any piece of advise you want to give young Indian aspirants who dream of becoming a WWE superstar like you?

First of all what an opportunity this is, I mean something like this wasn’t available when myself and my brother were trying to break in back in the day. India is one of the biggest markets for WWE and you can learn more about it on wweperformancecenter, the thing I would want to say is try and be in the best physical shape you can be and bring loads of passion along.

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