Expect a rise in mercury levels from April, weather experts tell Mumbaikars

Apr 02, 2016, 10:58 IST | Tanvi Deshpande

With Mumbai recording a maximum daytime temperature of 32.2 degrees and minimum of 23.4 degrees

With Mumbai recording a maximum daytime temperature of 32.2 degrees and minimum of 23.4 degrees, Mumbaikars can only expect a rise in mercury levels. Daytime temperatures in April have gone as high as 39 degrees in 2014 and experts have suggested that people, especially children, stay indoors when the sun is at its peak. The IMD has predicted maximum temperatures to be around 34 degrees in the coming week.

The city has been sweating right from the onset of March this year, with daytime temperatures crossing the 30 degrees mark. March 25 had mercury hit the 40 degrees mark, close to the second-hottest March day ever. It was March 17, 2011 when the maximum temperature recorded a whopping 41 degrees. However. March 14, 1952 continues to be the hottest March day, standing tall at 42.2 degrees.

The first day of April promised that the situation is going to aggravate further. On Friday, the city recorded a daytime temperature of 32.2 degrees while the minimum temperature was 23.4 degrees. The daytime temperature was one degree below normal, which means it is close to the mercury levels around this time of the year.

Meanwhile, minimum temperatures have remained comparatively steady, at around 23 to 24 degrees. April 1, 1968 holds the distinction of having the lowest nighttime temperature at 16.9 degrees. However, the minimum is higher than that of last year’s April 1, which was 19.6 degrees (the lowest that month), which means nights too have been warmer.

K S Hosalikar, deputy director of IMD (western region) said, “This spike in temperature is due to north-westerly winds. Generally, the month of March is critical for the summer since that is the time summer is setting in. For April, 32 to 36 degrees is not unusual. It is only when the south-westerly winds will start blowing over the region in May, June will we get relief.”

When asked if monsoon will set in Mumbai in the first week of June, he said no such prediction has been made yet.


Date Maximum Minimum
April 2 34.0 23.0
April 3 34.0 23.0
April 4 34.0 23.0
April 5 34.0 23.0
April 6 34.0 23.0
April 7 34.0 23.0

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