Extended nightlife comes into effect in Bangalore

Mar 09, 2014, 09:23 IST | Agencies

Police gear up for the situation by keeping an eye on revellers, stepping up patrols and keeping a check on drunk driving till 2 am

Bangalore: Nightlife is no longer the same in the country’s IT hub. With the extended deadline from 11 pm till 1 am for bars and restaurants on Fridays and Saturdays coming into effect on Friday, Bangalore residents appeared to be warming up on the first day of the increased happy hours.

The new deadline for bars and restaurants came into effect Friday night. File Photo

Confusion among bar owners and lack of awareness among public, however, led to mixed response even while revellers toasted the new found nightlife.

The city saw a good number of bars closed after 11 pm, while a few remained opened, as owners were in a state of confusion about the relaxation on not having received the government order.

Similar was the case with the public, as many returned home by midnight unaware of the deadline extension.

Those bars which remained open, hoping for good turnout of customers, did not see response near the expected mark.

Bar owners expect the trend to change in the weeks to come as people get to know about the extended hours for night life in the city, with many of them resorting to sending text messages to their regular customers to spread awareness.

Police also geared up for the new situation, keeping an eye on revellers and stepping up patrols, with a senior police official also indicating that checks on drunk driving may also be extended till 2 am.

The state government had recently extended the deadline for night life from 11 pm till 1 am for bar and restaurants on Fridays and Saturdays while stating that the revised timing would be applicable to eateries on all days. The decision was announced by Home Minister K J George.

>> Confusion among bar owners about the new deadline of 1 am
>> A few bars remain open, but do not see a good turnout
>> Bar owners expect the trend to change with greater awareness

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