Face it>> The BB cream is here!

Jan 22, 2013, 01:24 IST | Dhara Vora

BB creams seem to be the latest beauty must-haves, with every brand launching a version of it's own. Dhara Vora sampled five of these miracle-claiming creams to figure which wins the screen test

Day 1
Clinique Age Defense BB Cream
Cost `1,900 for 40 ml
Verdict Clinique’s BB Cream has the added benefit of age defence, with sea weed and caffeine extracts, which one can test over a period of time. However, in a day, soon after application, it reduced our pore size giving an overall smooth finish, while covering most of our blemishes. It didn’t feel oily (despite our combined skin type) and with its SPF 30 and UVA and UVB protection, you get your money’s worth. Available in three shades.

Day 2
Estee Lauder CyberWhite
Cost `1,950 for 30 ml
Verdict With its CyberWhite property, Estée’s BB cream might find favour with fairness cream-loving Indians. But it comes in one shade, to suit fair-skinned. After application, its even smoothening effect is as good as Clinique’s, but you will need more product to cover blemishes. It evened out skin tone and did not feel heavy after extra application on stubborn blemishes. With SPF 35 and PA+++, it’s great for daily use, if you hate make up and blemishes.

Day 3
Maybelline Clearglow
Cost `199 for 18 ml
Verdict One of the first BB creams to launch and popularise its use in India, this value-for-money option is available in three shades. With a few extra dabs it covered several of our blemishes, and helped lessen our pores’ appearance without making the skin feel clogged. Combined with a light dab of compact, you can survive the day. It offers SPF 21 and a PA+++ protection, but feels a bit heavy with a little sheen around the T Zone by the end of day.

Day 4
The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream
Cost `1,395 for 25 ml
Verdict This comes with a fancy colour adaptable property; it has micro tint capsules that burst when applied and adapt to the skin tone. But there’s no SPF, and without sun protect, we think it shouldn’t be called a BB cream, but a tinted moisturiser. After application, it evened out our skin tone but left a weird, orange-ish tinge, after a few minutes, with little coverage. It blends easily, as compared to the other creams. But without SPF, it doesn’t fit in.

Day 5
Garnier BB Cream
Cost `99 for 18 gms
Verdict The price had us rubbing our eyes in disbelief. It didn’t deliver to our expectations. It offered zero coverage and within an hour our skin started developing an oily feel. It moisturises well and also has SPF 24, but we would rather buy a sunscreen if we needed one for that cost than a tiny tube that promises miracles and flawless skin. Also, it is available in a single shade, suitable for fairer skin types.  

What is a BB Cream?
Depending on the brand, BB stands for Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm, Beauty Benefit cream and the likes. The BB cream has been around since the 1980s in South East Asian countries, and was initially formulated to help protect skin that has undergone surgery. Essentially, the cream gives the benefits of a moisturiser, sunscreen, anti-aging or whitening and foundation together in a tube. This functionality saves time, as one doesn’t need to apply products, separately.

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