Facebook blocks brave Mumbai girl's page

Jun 16, 2013, 06:16 IST | Richa Pinto

Purva Bhogle, whose post and pictures on how she dealt with a man who tried to molest her on a local train went viral, received an email from the social networking site informing her that her page had been blocked as a security measure but assured her it would be reactivated within 24 hours

A day after MiD DAY reported how 24-year-old Purva Bhogle had fought back against a man who had tried to molest her on a local train, her Facebook account has been blocked.

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24-year-old Purva Bhogle fought back against a man who tried to molest her on a local train

Purva had been flooded with congratulatory messages on the social networking site after she posted her ordeal and how she dealt with it, on her page. However, she received an email from the site later in the evening, informing her that she would be able to access her page within the next 24 hours and the step to block access was indeed a precautionary one.

“I received hundreds of congratulatory messages from people all across the world. So I decided to reply to all of them individually after having made a set ‘thank you’ template,” she says. However, after replying to several messages, she suddenly found that access to her page was blocked. She suspects the social networking site probably felt there was some kind of incorrect activity going on in her page and temporarily blocked it.

However, when SUNDAY MiD DAY spoke to her yesterday, she did not seem too perturbed. “There were hundreds of messages. I felt it necessary to reply to all of them. Besides I was replying to these messages from my cell phone, so probably the social networking site must have thought I was spamming,” she said. Purva received a message from Facebook on Saturday, informing her that her account would be activated in 24 hours. “I was surprised when an advisor of a major Indian conglomerate holding company called to congratulate me for the way in which I dealt with the situation,” she recalled.

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