Facebook bullies 'destroyed' Paris Jackson

Jun 28, 2013, 03:05 IST | ANI

Paris Jackson's family has blamed Facebook bullies for her suicide attempt.

They said that the daughter of the ‘King of Pop,’ who was taken to hospital three weeks ago after slashing her wrists and overdosing on pills, was hurt by the online taunts that claimed that her dad had molested boys, the Daily Star reported.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson. Pic/AFP

A source told the publication that the 15-year-old took the comments very personally and they destroyed her.  Paris has not been allowed to use the social networking site while she is treated at UCLA Hospital in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile her family is worried that she would go back on it once she is discharged.  An inside revealed that the Jacksons are worried that more insults in future can hurt her further.

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