Fake Aadhar cards for a mere Rs 100

Mar 13, 2013, 06:39 IST | Sagar Rajput

Tilak Nagar police busts UID racket, nails marketing executive and hawker

Two people were arrested on Tuesday by the Tilak Nagar police in two separate cases of making forged government documents. According to the police, the accused charged a mere Rs 100 for faking documents.

Fake cards
The accused charged a mere Rs 100 for delivering fake Aadhar cards, driving licences, PAN cards and other official documents

Senior police inspector Rameshwar Suple from Tilak Nagar police station told MiD DAY, “Our team has been aware of this racket for some time now and investigations have been on.” He added, “We got a tip-off about a place in Chembur where the forged documents were being made. We laid a trap at the residence of one of the accused on February 28.

After the second person was probed, we learnt that the two have been forging documents for Rs 100 for over two years.” The two accused have been identified as Salim Pagarkar (26) who was arrested on February 28 while the other accused Sohail Khan (32) was arrested on March 6.

Suple added, “The raid on Pagarkar’s residence revealed several fake Aadhar cards, Pan cards, driving licences, ration cards and different types of stamps which make any fake document look genuine.”For the outside world Pagarkar was a marketing executive while Khan was a hawker selling coconut water.

The two accused have been booked under sections 420 (cheating and dishonesty inducing delivery of property), 465 (forgery), 466 (forgery of record of court or of public), 468 (forgery for purpose of cheating), 473 (making or possessing counterfeit seal with intent to commit forgery punishable otherwise), 474 (having possession of document described in section 466, knowing it to be forged and intending to use it genuinely) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance). Pagarkar has been remanded in judicial custody while Khan has been remanded in police custody till March 13. 

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