Fake cop nabbed by real one

Feb 15, 2013, 07:11 IST | Shiva Devnath

Impostor in uniform bumps into Oshiwara constable, says he was offered Rs 20,000 by an associate to accompany him and threaten the resident of a high-rise building

Around 10 pm on Wednesday, constable P Todankar from Oshiwara was out on his beat when he saw a uniformed police officer approach the main entrance of Meera Tower, a high-rise in Lokhandwala. Assuming that something had gone wrong, Todankar asked the watchman at the gate what the matter was. The latter replied that the officer had told him he was going to the 15th floor.

Constable P Todankar spots a uniformed police officer approach the main entrance of Meera Tower in Lokhandwala on Wednesday night. Illustrations/Amit Bandre

Todankar caught up with the policeman and was about to ask him a question, when the latter broke into a sprint and headed towards the exit. Todankar sensed that this was an impostor and shouted ‘thief’ so he could be nabbed by the passers-by, “Since the charlatan was also in uniform, onlookers got confused and allowed him to get away,” said Todankar.

The building watchman tells Todankar the officer is headed to the 15th floor. The constable catches up with the cop, who starts to run

After a brief chase Todankar nabbed the accused. The pretender was identified as Shafiq Shaikh, a habitual offender. According to police officers, when questioned, Shaikh told them that he was taken to the tower by a person named Sanjay, who resides near his house in Khar. Shaikh told cops that Sanjay had promised him Rs 20,000 to wear the rented police uniform and go with him to the 15th floor of Meera Tower.

Realising the other is an impostor, Todankar shouts, ‘thief’ and gives chase. He finally manages to nab the offender a short distance away

“Shaikh said that the while he entered the building Sanjay was changing into his uniform in the car, which was parked outside the gate. The accused also said that while he was nabbed, Sanjay managed to flee from the spot,” said Dilip Rupwate, senior inspector of Oshiwara police station.

Shaikh has been arrested on charges of impersonation and cops are hunting for Sanjay. “We are now trying to find out which resident the duo was going to approach and threaten. We are recording the statements of the building’s residents to find out if any of them had dealt financially with a man named Sanjay,” said PSI Vishnu Rathod.

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