45 families yet to find a roof after vacating decrepit structure

Jun 14, 2013, 06:27 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Day after occupants of Raj Vaibhav society in Borivli scurried to safety after spotting huge cracks in the structure, logistics of providing alternative shelter to them are yet to be worked out

A day after residents of Raj Vaibhav Cooperative Society hurriedly vacated the building after experiencing tremors and observing giant fissures on the walls, most of those rendered homeless are still to find transit accommodation. Although 20 families have been provided temporary shelter, 45 are yet to be given lodgings by the builder.

Vijay Shetty is filling in for the builder and overseeing the shifting until the latter returns from a trip today; building resident Daya Kochrekar, 35, has been accommodated in the vicinity as she cannot afford to travel to work from distant places

In a meeting held at the BMC office yesterday - which was attended by society members it was decided that 10 residents would be shifted to Gorai and 11 to Charkop. The civic body also put up a notice declaring the building unsafe. Other important decisions will be taken by the builder, Satish Raut, who returns today from a trip abroad.

Daya Kochrekar, a 35-year-old woman staying with her mother in the B-wing of the building, has been allotted a 2BHK apartment in the same area on humanitarian grounds. Kochrekar lost her father eight months ago and is the only support for her 70-year-old mother. A teacher at a school in the area, she earns Rs 3,000 per month. Shifting to Charkop or Gorai is not an option for her since she cannot eke out the travel expenses even for a day.

MiD DAY had reported yesterday how residents of Raj Vaibhav building were rendered homeless in a matter of hours after cracks were spotted in the facade

“I cannot afford to stay away from this area as I teach in a preprimary school here. It is not possible for me to spend Rs 50 on a one-way autorickshaw ride, or even Rs 15 on a bus ride. So I requested them to consider my case and give me shelter in this area,” Kochrekar said. A resident on the condition of anonymity said, “We are upset with our situation. It is no use blaming anyone but I fail to understand why the building wasn’t surveyed by the BMC earlier and declared dangerous for habitation.”

Meanwhile, Vijay Shetty, a friend of the builder Raut, is handling the situation by providing people with provisional shelter. Shetty told MiD DAY, “People’s safety is my main aim. Some 30 residents from wings A and B have been asked to collect their valuables. Tomorrow, we will concentrate specifically at A wing (which is the worst affected). I am not allowing residents to take heavy baggage with them as I don’t want to take any risk.” However, residents seemed to be in a flux about the operations and are waiting for the builder to get a clear picture of their situation.

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