Family got looted of Rs 3.5 lakh while they snored peacefully

Published: Dec 18, 2013, 06:28 IST | Saurabh Vaktania |

Two first-time offenders entered the home in Sahar village through the kitchen window and stole valuables and money from the cupboard; were nabbed after the police were able to trace the phone they had stolen

Two thieves almost got away with a perfect burglary but were arrested after cops were able to nab them, ironically with the help of the phone that the duo had stolen from the residence.

Kadam and Madge targeted the Marianas at night when they were fast asleep. They first approached the kitchen window and one climbed on to the other’s shoulders and made his way into the apartment

The two accused, identified as Sagar Kadam and Gitesh Madge, broke into the home of the Marianas, a family residing in Sahar village, on November 29 and made away with all the money and jewellery from the cupboard.

Once both of them were inside, they found a purse lying near the bed where the family was sleeping and took out the keys from inside

They also stole a phone, which was lying near the family’s bed. Senior Inspector Ravindra Patil of Sahar police station said, “Kadam and Madge, both 23 in age, snuck into the home through the kitchen window and then, using the keys, stole all the valuables worth Rs 3.5 lakh while the family was fast asleep.”Patil added that the duo, while escaping, locked the family inside their home with the keys they had stolen.

Using the keys, they opened a cupboard and took out all the money and jewellery. They also stole a mobile phone that was lying near the bed

The next morning realising they had been robbed, Marianas approached the Sahar police and filed a complaint. In their complaint, the family also reported how the thieves had stolen a mobile phone. “As soon as we were informed that a phone had been stolen, we tried to call the phone but it was switched off. We then sent a message saying ‘Hello’. Luckily, a day later, the phone was switched on and we were able to trace the location,” added Patil.

Using the kitchen window, they snuck out with the booty and returned to the front door of the home. They locked the family in so that they could not come out. Illustration/Amit Bandre

Kadam was arrested from Bangalore while Madge was nabbed in Mumbai. “They were arrested last week by the Sahar police under Section 379 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code and have been remanded in custody. Investigations also revealed that the duo were first-time offenders,” added Patil. 

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