Family members of deceased mill workers can claim MHADA flats

Feb 06, 2013, 07:44 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Kin of deceased workers may not have to provide succession certificate to take possession of flats won in MHADA lottery

Seven months after winning flats in Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) lottery, the housing body has given kin of deceased mill workers another reason to cheer. Families of mill workers may not have to submit the mandatory succession certificate in order to receive the keys of their flat, as MHADA has sent a proposal to the state law and judiciary department to consider the affidavit and No Objection Certificate (NOC) submitted by the kin of mill workers as proof to claim the flat they have won.

MHADA had conducted a lottery for 6,925 houses in June last year. File pic

Datta Iswalkar, a mill worker leader, said, “At the meeting that took place with state representatives recently, we requested them that the NOC and affidavit from winning candidates should be considered as proof to claim the flat since getting a succession certificate is a lengthy process.” “A proposal stating that NOC and affidavit should be considered as a proof has already been sent to the law and judiciary department, and we think government will consider the demand made by lottery winners,” said a MHADA official.

MHADA had conducted a lottery for 6,925 houses in June last year, and even though there are no official figures, sources claim that the kin of deceased mill workers won half of the allotments. “Getting a succession certificate from the High Court takes around six to nine months, so, the mill workers want government to consider the NOC and affidavit as proof,” added the MHADA official. The winners, after getting the letter from MHADA, will have to submit the required documents to the housing body, which would then jointly inspect the papers along with labour department officials.

Document check
MHADA will verify the following documents: Work pass or employee insurance card number or provident fund slip and records or employment letter or mill identity card or casual leave card or paid/earned leave card.

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