Famous Mumbaikars share their favourite travel sites

Jul 25, 2013, 11:55 IST | The Guide Team

Early Christian theologian St Augustine once aptly stated, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page". Different people have different connotations of travelling � for some it's about discovering the core of a new place, for others it's a medium to escape the madness of a daily routine. The GUIDE invited four members of Mumbai's elite across diverse fields to re-open their travel diaries as they recall their favourite sights, sounds and reads

Sanjna Kapoor, theatre personality: Goa
Favourite destination: The Love House on Baga Beach in Goa was our retreat from the madness of the city life. Ever since I was a three-year-old, we would make our home there for every holiday (except summer). We spent three months of the year on this paradise beach — before the onslaught of tourism destroyed all that was peaceful and beautiful about this haven. Sadly, this beach is no longer my favourite destination, but I have found a secret getaway in Goa that fills my soul and balms my longing for the tranquility and peace of the ocean. It shall remain a secret.

Sanjna Kapoor during her childhood trip to Goa

Favourite music on the road: The music that comes to mind when I think of Goa and the Love House is Bob Marley without a doubt.

Favourite travel read: When I think of Goa, I have to read books authored by Gabriel Garcia Marquez — as he perfectly captures the flavour and melodrama that made up village life on Baga Beach.

Prasoon Joshi , lyricist: Almora
Favourite destination: I crave for new destinations. Revisiting experiences takes away the magic from the memory. It’s always better to try and create a fresher, a newer magic. So, I let serendipity take over. I don’t plan much; just go with the flow to some place new. Mountains are my weakness and source of inspiration, so any trip there always draws me. Almora — my hometown in Uttarakhand, in the lap of Himalayas — is always special.

Prasoon Joshi at Almora

Favourite music on the road: Travel, for me, is a great way to relax, re-engerise and re-discover. This holds true for music as well. So, I experiment with new voices, new artistes or rare recordings of old favourites that I may not have listened to earlier. On my last holiday, I discovered and was mesmerised by the Chamber music of Esperanza Spalding, a young 28-year-old Jazz bassist and singer.

Favourite travel read: Surprisingly, I don’t end up reading as much during trips. I spend more time in exploring and soaking in the sounds, the visuals, the smells and the lilt in the language or dialects of the place, subconsciously soaking in nuances that sometimes find reflection in my writing.

Jerry Pinto, author: Istanbul
Favourite destination: I once travelled to Istanbul and loved it. It is a perfect combination of Asia’s friendliness and Europe’s functionality. Plus, the place is extremely stylish, offers great fish and that, too, at very reasonable prices. Next, I wish to visit Greece.

Jerry Pinto during his trip to Istanbul

Favourite music on the road: When I was travelling through Istanbul, I heard the music from Fatih Akin’s film, Crossing The Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul, and loved it.

Favourite travel read: Books by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk.

Purab Kohli, actor: Kolad
Favourite destination: Of late, I’ve been inclined towards Kolad, which is just a few hours from Mumbai. Some great adventure activities happen there — from camping to river rafting and the most recent and super-fun addition is the off-roading.

Purab Kohli during one of his adventure sports trips to Kolad

Favourite music on the road: I’ve been really enjoying this Senegalese artist called Baba Maal on my trips.

Favourite travel read: Well, I’m the one who usually drives so the only reading I’m safe to do are the road signs! Though I must admit I love looking at maps and am always happy to re-scan one. 

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