Fancy a game of Futsal?

Apr 22, 2013, 01:47 IST | Dhara Vora

New public facility opens in Powai

What’s in store?
> Instead of 11 players on each side, Futsal has a five-member team with different rules. “We have put up the rules at Kick and also plan to start an audio visual guide. Currently, we don’t have our own coaches but plan to start soon. Also, from today, Manchester United Soccer School Player Development programme will use our venue,” says Akash Gambhir, who co-founded Kick with his Powai football buddies, Abhay Singh and Aniketh Nair.

> The two grounds are open from 7 am to midnight so school kids and corporates can use the facilities. Already, several inquiries from working professionals for post-work or pre-office hours slots have reached us, to de-stress and exercise, adds Gambhir.

> The ground is a FIFA two-star rated 4th generation synthetic Astroturf along with special rubber infills and special sand for shock absorption. They also have cage netting to separate both pitches, and for refreshment kiosks.

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