Fancy a wine facial?

Jun 02, 2013, 06:30 IST | A Correspondent

Sakasti, the new skincare clinic in Bandra has many interesting therapies on offer. We checked out the wine facial. We felt rested, relaxed and �intoxicated!

It’s a busy Bandra lane bursting at the seams with a profusion of eateries and roadside vendors. Next door a lounge bar tempts with its large collection of beer. We resist and walk up the two floors to Sakasti, the new skincare spa in town. The door opens and suddenly tranquility rules.

The type of facial is determined by the skin type of a person

Before we begin the therapy, Dr Sujata Nair, the owner and founder of Sakasti, checks out my face type. She then recommends a particular type of facial which will add a glow and hydrate my dry skin.

But hang on. As I step into the treatment room, first up I am handed a short glass of the same varietal of wine that’s going to be used for the facial. I sip it, with a bite-sized portion of cheese. All set.

Sakasti boasts of swanky interiors and a serene ambience

The therapist keeps explaining each process as she does the massage. First the clean up, scrub, massage and application of face mask — all using liberal amounts of the wine. Wine facials are known to give one’s skin a refreshing glow and remove tans and blemishes.

The all-natural organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetable combined with wine works wonders. I almost doze off. I feel great afterwards. I am told wine facials postpone the sign of ageing, prevents wrinkles, assists in skin renewals and erm… improves elasticity! While I hope I haven’t reached there quite yet, let’s just say the strawberry wine facial is really cool.

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