Fancy your own fountain?

Apr 01, 2013, 03:23 IST | Ruchika Kher

In a city like ours where most houses are crammed cheek by jowl, there are few lucky ones who have outdoor spaces attached to their houses.

And, for all those who have that luxury, it would be sacrilege if you don’t look into the aesthetics of that space. Don’t rattle your brain, there is a solution that can add an edge to that space — an outdoor fountain and Kelebec can help you get one.

These large and stunning fountains make arresting centre pieces for any outdoor area, while their gentle lilting water sounds provide the cascading white noise you need to really relax and unwind.

Bohol Giant Buddha Head Fountain

The fountains come in a variety of styles — Buddha heads, bird baths, torsos and other more abstract shapes and they come in various stones, such as terrazzo, slate, and concrete, and stand anywhere between two feet to six feet high.

Place it in the balcony, in your verandah or even the patio, these gorgeous pieces will make a perfect addition to your home. So why feel disappointed if you can’t see the beauty of a fountain out on the road, when you can have your own version at home?

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