Fans not to turn their backs on Lance

Aug 25, 2012, 08:13 IST | AFP

His victories against cancer and the French Alps inspired a generation of American cyclists and survivors, many of them ready to stand by Lance Armstrong despite his fall from grace.

Doping rumors dogged the seven-time Tour De France champion throughout his career, and in Europe his reputation was already in shreds, but his remarkable life story protected Armstrong’s from attack in his homeland.

Always known as the man who never gave up a fight, whether it be against testicular cancer or the peloton of competing riders, Armstrong threw in the towel on Thursday and abandoned his battle against drug-testing authorities.

One word, in bright red dominated the homepage of the Huffington Post news website: “Disgraced.” On the rival Drudge Report the term was “Stripped,” over a picture of Armstrong wearing the tour victor’s yellow jersey.  Later, Drudge updated this to the more dismissive “Tour de Fraud.” 

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