Fans vow to fight for Gaga

May 17, 2012, 06:20 IST | Agencies

Concert bosses in Indonesia are desperately trying to overturn a ban on Lady Gaga performing in the country's capital city Jakarta.

The Poker Face hitmaker is faced with the prospect of axing the Indonesian leg of her Born This Way Ball world tour next month (June 12) after local police revoked her performance license.

No to gaga: Hardliners have opposed Lady Gaga’s tour to Jakarta calling her the devil’s messenger. Pic/AFP

It came amid a storm of protest from hardline Muslim groups in the country, who have branded the star the “devil’s messenger” for her raunchy stage routines.
But officials at Big Daddy Live! have reached out to Gaga’s fans, known as little monsters, urging them to be patient while the company tries to find a way around the ban.

In a message on Twitter, a spokesman added, “Still fighting... We want the best for all Little Monsters”, and a representative for the company said, “We are still in the process of finding a way to do it, and we ask for everyone’s patience and forgiveness for the trouble.”

A spokesman for the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) vowed its members will cause mayhem if the show gets the green light, adding, “If Lady Gaga still wants to perform here, go ahead. But please be prepared for chaos in Jakarta. We are ready to be thrown to jail and be killed — we will do anything to stop it.”

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